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Kitty surgery :[

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I'm extremely sad. My kitty who I've had for about a month hurt herself yesterday. I knew something was up as soon as I walked in my room. She had definitely hurt her leg. So today I took her in but vets were only open until 12, we found a vet nice enough to stay after a bit. The vet told me she fractured her leg very bad, in a very bad spot.. :[ Something to do with her femur and a bone not being in the right spot, or a bone not being straight how it's sposed to be. But yeah, he definitely let us know it was bad. He was unable to get her into a splint because she fought too much, so all he could do was give her a couple pain shots, he said he couldn't give her any pills so tomorrow she'll proly be in a ton of pain :[ Monday I take her in for surgery, n this is what upsets me. They want to try n put pins in her leg first, since she's so young. And I'm prayinggggg this works, because if the pins don't go over well then they have to amputate !. It's one of her back legs, this is such a crap experience for me. Just the other day she was running around being cute having a blast being a playful furry lil kitten, now she's rarely moving n it's just so sad to watch her some times :[ I don't know what to do, so nervous..What if they have to amputate? :[ she's just so young n lil.

Ugh :[
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Originally Posted by seanonfire View Post
What if they have to amputate?
I am sorry to hear that and am hoping for a good outcome and that it won't come down to that, but I hope this helps a bit.

A buddy of mine had a cat with three legs, she was missing one rear leg.

He rescued her when she was about a year old, the leg was deformed, a birth defect. The leg was amputated.

They lost her about a year and a half ago, she was quite an old girl by then.

She lived a long, happy life though. They used to take her outside on a harness and she would still catch grasshoppers. She was quite a "pet" and seemed very happy.
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for your baby that everything turns out well!
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I am curious as to how this happened? Do you have any clue what happened to her? How did your vet get an accurate xray without sedating her? I don't know how such a traumatic diagnosis can be given without a thorough examination, which would take sedation. The fact that they would send her home without any splint or support for her leg baffles me!
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There's a saying that goes something like "Put a cat in the same room as it's bones and they'll heal" . Cats bones generally heal very quickly, especially if they're young.

For example, at the clinic where I work we're fostering a little guy that a client found that had a broken leg. He's 5 months old. It was a terrible break about an inch down from the shoulder. We pinned his leg three weeks ago and he is doing GREAT!

And if it's too bad to pin, amputation isn't the end of the world. We have several three legged patients that don't even seem to notice they're a leg short! Younger cats that have to have a leg amputated usually do very very well.

For the time being my advice is keep her as still as possible to prevent further damage. If this means keeping her in a carrier until Monday then so be it.

I hope everything goes well on Monday! Best of luck to the both of you!
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Clay: Thanks a lot :] Yeah I know in the future she'll surely be somewhat happy, but I still feel like this has been a horrible experience.

clpeters: thanks a lot :]

chey: well i had given her a quick bath, didn't dry her much n let her loose in my room. left. came back a few hours later n she was just laying up against the wall, a meow here n there not moving. so i knew somethin was up. my blinds, which i've been having trouble with. arent screwed in at all, so like if i go to pull the cord n lower or raise them, i have to hold the bar or the blinds fall right on me. anyways. my blinds were on the floor all sorts of messed up. a couple chunks taken out, some scratch marks leading nearly all the way to the top. i'm pree much guessing she got to the top of the blinds, they flew off n she fell n proly couldn't land cause she was tangled in them :[ usually she just plays with the cord but she some times tries to climb the screen when the windows open. never the blinds, wish i had screwed them in :[ ugh... :[
i am not sure how the x rays were done. but we waited for like 10 minutes maybe n then he took us into a room showed us the x ray n what was wrong n explained the situation. he said he tried to splint her n we could tell he tried cause i could hear her crying. but yes i too really wish more was done. but i was just thankful to get in. we had called two vets in my town n they both said that they closed at 12 n there wouldn't be enough time. it was like 11 on the dot. so we called a vet that was 20 mins away n they said they'd stay later for us.

cat nurse: yeah the vet guy said something like that heh. but i could tell by the look on his face n stuff that this was pree serious :[ this is at a bad spot. OHHH. one thing he said was it could get so bad that it could become a "frozen bone". which sounded awful :[ that's when he talked about amputation. rawr. i hate thinking about it..but yeah. yeah i really need to be spending more time with her, i feel like a jerk. i've been out with friends most the day. n tomorrow i'm sure her pain shots will be well wore off n she'll be in some bad pain :[ thank you tho :] i take her in monday bright n early, like 8. n i gotta drop her off n leave her there for who knows how long >.<
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for your baby - please spend the most amount of time as you can with her tomorrow... she must be scared the poor thing
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Fingers crossed for her. One of my bridge babes had been in an RTA years before i got her, and she suddenly started having issues with the leg, we tried alsorts for a month or so, but then we had to amputate - she was 11 years old - she came home early cos she was doing so well, and I sat in front of her cage the first night home (so the second day without her leg) with my tea and she hopped over my leg and tried to walk across the front room!! After her 10 days of cage rest, the first thing she wanted was to go out, I restricted her, but she mastered the stairs and jumping on the bed within 2 days, so i let her out. She was incredibly quick on 3 legs too, could still outrun me!!
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