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after surgery

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well Shiraz had surgery to remove a bladder stone... they found diverticuli and a pollyp, (which is non-cancerous, thank goodness). they said her stitches are in the inside? and i look at her incision site and it's not red or draining but looks weird and brown and crusty looking, but she is acting fine, not messing with it at all. i'm assuming this is normal? anyone had this before? this is my first time having her have surgery and she is my first cat, so i'm not sure, and i'm assuming its how the inside sutures thing is since they just said to monitor it for redness or drainage... i just never heard of it before.

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Internal sutures are very common these days. And a blessing in my opinion. They'll dissolve on their own in a few weeks.

The only issue is reaction to the suture. You may notice a little swelling, which is normal. Any dark yellow/green/brown discharge is BAD. Also if the skin around the incision starts turning colors or any part of it breaks open, take her back in.

As far as the brown crustyness (how do you like that word?) is probably just a little dried blood. She'll clean it off herself. If it really bothers you then dilute one part hydrogen peroxide and one part water and gently clean the area AROUND the incision. You don't want to get any in the actual incision because it can slow the healing process.

Best of luck and here's to a speedy recovery!!
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Hannah had internal sutures and super glue on her incision when she was spayed. It was wonderful to not have to take her back to have stitches removed! Just watch it for drainage, increasing redness and irritation. Also watch her for excessive licking of the incision site.
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Ku Ku had the same surgery last month but she got regular sutures.
She had the internal when she got spayed, though.
Licking is OK as long as not excessive but if you're concerned, try applying bitter apple around her stiches
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