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Finally found my camera!

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I finally found my camera yesterday, and managed to take a few pictures of Squirrel before it ate the batteries again. What do you guys think? He seems to like having his picture taken sometimes, I could have sworn he was posing for me once.

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Oh, very handsome - and I agree that he definitely is playing to the camera. I love his profile. You're a lucky person!
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Aw, Squirrel is a handsome lad, and he is definitely photogenic.
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Awww, what a good looking boy!
Invest in some rechargable batteries for your cam, two sets. Well worth the money for battery eating cams! With two sets, you always have one set charged and ready to go!
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What a cute cat!!!
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Thanks, yeah he definitely knows how to use his looks to his advantage.
I think I also may have found a solution to my battery problem. We have a bunch of almost full Duracell Pros at our house (long story) and they seem to work well for my camera. Thanks for the suggestion Trillcat, unfortunately though I've been told that rechargables wouldn't work for the camera I have...-really needs to update to a better camera-
I'll try and get some more pictures of him up soon, and Sophie as well, I just need to find the good shots I have of her in my files.
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Awwww, squirrel!!! I love tuxies!!
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he looks like my Bru....Very handsome indeed.
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