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Updated Brillo photos

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I've had my Brillo girl for 4 weeks now. We've gone through sleepless nights, dirty ears, a dental, adjusting to feeding schedules and I think we are finally settled in and really enjoying each other.

Brillo is quite the charmer and a true lapcat. She's so funny, as she enjoys sleeping on my daughter's window seat in her bathroom. I finally just put a catbed in there so she wouldn't keep using my daughter's clean towel bin.

I found her asleep in the bed a few minutes ago, and thought that perhaps she was relaxed enough for me to get in a few shots with my camera (she is very hard to photograph.)

Presenting "Brillo On My Pillo"

I think she really looks like her "bridge sister" Sheba in the photos...
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She is precious! I love how her little bed looks like a pan! She has beautiful markings and lots of love in her eyes!
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Love the wild whiskers! What is that green bug on the metal pan?
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Brillo is such a cute girl. Yes, she does resemble your RB girl, Sheba. She looks so happy on her "pillo".
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Thank you!

The "green bug" is just that--a fake bug I placed on the metal trough that holds my dd's towels. Kind of a decorative touch for her "nature themed" bathroom.

"Brillo on my Pillo" is actually Brillo's pedigreed name. I'll have you know that she's a Grand Champion American Wirehair Cat! LOL She really is...and competed in the premier division as well. I joke that she's seen more of the US than I have and has even been in the "Admiral's Clubs" in the airports! However, she's "just a pet" now and seems to be enjoying her retirement. heheheh

Her bridge sister, "Sheba Wired for Action" was born smooth, so was never shown although her markings and composition were actually far superior to Brillo's. I also own their brother "Happy 2B Nappy" who was never shown as well as he developed a kink tail. I call him Ziggy.


Thanks again for the compliments!

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