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I am so heartsick! (not cat related)

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Ted & I went out today to the dam,and so we were crossing a small waterfall I slipped and dropped my digital camera in the water!It is long gone! I saved for a year to get this one.I tried to catch it and all most fell head frist into the water , which was 10 feet down. Ted screamed and caught me before I went over.Now I know it was only a camera,but damn,we are not working right now and can not afford to get another. Sorry gotta go.
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I am so sorry that you lost your camera. I know that it was a hard worked for thing but the main thing is that you are okay. A camera can be replaced(in time) but you cannot.

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Oh no!!!! I feel so bad for you, Sherral!!! But I agree, a camera can be replaced, YOU cannot!

Sending new-camera vibes!
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New camera vibes from me too!! Thank goodness you are OK!
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Oh no that sucks!!! I'm sorry. I would be heartsick too.
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OH NO! I am gonna MISS your PICS!!!
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awww i'm sorry at least you are okay! That really stinks though!
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Coco your kitties make my heart melt!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Ohhh nooooooo! Sherral I am soooo sorry. I know I will desperately miss looking at your beautiful siamese.

What kind of camera did you have hon? Maybe we can catch some good deals on ebay. I'd help pitch in to get you another one! I don't wanna go too long without your pictures!
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Cass, that is sweet of you,but no.It was a HP 612 I think,I will just have to save for a new one,at least I would not have to buy the dock again,I allready have that!
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The 612xi like this one? I didn't know they made a dock for it, or are you talking about the little usb cable thing?

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I am so sorry to hear about the loss of the camera! But thank God you didn't fall in after it!
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I agree with all that a camera can be replaced. I'm so glad you were not hurt.
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No I had the wrong number it was a HP PhotoSmart 320 !Thanks everyone for caring Sherral
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