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So funny how they get repeated around the world and through the generations. I guess kids are universally annoying.

We used to get "who's she, the cat's mother?" a lot too if we said she instead of mum.

We used to try and freeze the frown expressions on our faces in front of the fan!
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I used to get from Dad...
"If wishes were horses, beggars would ride"
pretty much anything I wanted something/wanted to be allowed to do anything
All the others my parents were fond of have already been brought up in the thread lol
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Originally Posted by calico2222 View Post
My dad always told me to eat things I didn't like (liver, spinach, brussle sprouts) because "it will put hair on your chest". Ummm...dad, I'm a girl...?
Mine too... Oh, I'd forgotten about the hair on my chest!

I can't think of any more than weren't already mentioned. Can't wait to use some myself when Noah gets a older.
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If someone would ask our mom for something or say we WANTED something she would reply back with "Well hows it feel to want" I hated that but now when BF asks for something he wants or says he wants something I say the same thing to want...

Also if we complained about something hurting my mom would always say well then its time to cut it off and would grab a butter knife...LOL...my moms a kook!
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If we ate too many sweets "your gonna get sugar worms"
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If we didn't wanted to walk to school because of rain, My Mom would say "Don't worry honey, you're not made of sugar you won't melt"
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