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Question of the day Aug 15th

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Morning All!!

Little late getting here because we had a power outage this morning. This brings me to the question of the day:

How often are there power outages in your area.

My answer is we get them about 3 times a year mainly in the summer due to thunder storms. Generally the power is back on within a couple hours however in some of the remoter areas it can be off for days at a time.
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Way too often. Often times when there's a storm, and too many times when there's absolutely no indication that there should be. Who knows-- maybe a bird landed on a powerline. Or a leaf fell on it. Who knows...
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Unfortunately in september when the rain season is more strong, many times at day...
....It would be happen but I don´t know what depends this....
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well. two that I know of in the last two days, one Thursday night and at least one last night. Power here is off and on a lot.
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Not very often. In the 3 years we've lived here, I think we've lost power 2 or three times. Mainly it's in the wintertime for us, when a large snowstorm or ice storm comes through.
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I would say about 3 times /year... Also during thunderstorms, but from time to time because of ice storms - these tend to last longer.
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Rarely...I'm talking once every couple years? I don't even remember the last time our power was out.
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Ours are rare, but when we do get them they last for hours. My parents end up lighting candles or we wander around the house with a torchlight.
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we have lived in our house for 5 years & i think we have had 1, due to some men working under ground- boring english weather so we dont get storms, I work in a hospital & we have had a couple there where the backup generator has ahd to come on
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We usually have them in the winter, from ice storms. We had one last Saturday (about 4 hours), but I don't know what caused it. It was raining, but there weren't any electrical storms.
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It's not uncommon to get them just about every time it rains bad out here....Memphis gets bad power outages!!
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Very seldom, actually. We can go a couple of years without, and then it's a relatively short one usually. The last time I recall was a couple of years ago when we had the bad wind storms that did so much damage. There may have been one short one since then.
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Not too often here, and seldom longer than 30mins or so. We'll have power flickers, but not often an actual outage (something that lasts longer than 5mins)

I'm very thankful for that But we do have a generator hooked to our hydro panel to run the nessecities if we should ever need to.
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