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Help with chewing

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One of my kitties loves to gnaw on stuff and I want to re-direct her to suitable chewing products. What are some suggestions? There seems to be a good variety of chew toys for dogs but not so much for cats. I allow her to chew on cardboard boxes but that alone doesn't seem to satiate her chew drive. Could there be a medical issue?

I'm also growing cat grass and hope that will give her another chewing option.
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How old is your kitty? Is this a teething thing?

Either way, we've found that bendy straws are GREAT for cats that like to chew. The plastic is the right texture and is not easily chewed apart. When our kitties were teething, we scattered them everywhere. When they get lots of chew marks in them, throw them out.

Our kitties never liked any of the chew toys designed for cats.
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Do you mean regular drinking straws? Shouldn't have any problems getting a packet of them. Do they not pose health hazards? I do give them fuzzy pipe cleaners but they tend to bat and carry them about rather than chew.

My cats are coming up on their first birthday!
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Well then they're past teething. But yup, regular drinking straws is exactly what I mean!

They normally do not pose a health hazard (in fact, we've never given kitties pipe cleaners - always too afraid they'd hurt themselves on the wire in them).

But try playing with one with her first and keep an eye on her. The plastic is tough enough that NORMALLY they do not chew quickly through it - it takes some work. They'd last a couple of weeks to a month before we found we needed to throw them away. Once they start to get chewed up they pose a hazard, which is why we pick them up and throw them away at that point. Don't want them swallowing any little peices of plastic. But for a very serious and intent chewer - I guess it's possible they'd try to gobble them up? I still think they'd last at least a couple of days before you needed to toss them.

But try one and see what happens. If she's very serious about chewing, they may not work. But I think it's worth finding out, because it could be an easy cheap solution.
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