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Daily Invasion into your life: Sat. Aug 15

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I'm surprised to be the first one here today.

Already went and dropped off hubbys van to have the brakes done... Home now having my morning coffee.

Supposed to be a great day.... Hot with hardly any humidity.

I think it is gonna be a beach day


We go pick Kendra up

Have a great Sat. folks.
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Grand Opening at the new shelter building today. Hope we can get some kitties adopted!
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Originally Posted by mrblanche View Post
Grand Opening at the new shelter building today. Hope we can get some kitties adopted!
How exciting Mike

Are you allowed to take pics of the new shelter and it's kitties?????
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I am going to the hair salon to get my hair dyed. I have been dying to cover this gray for a year now Woohoo.

DH is going to BBQ some ribs and do some chicken. I am not sure what I'll do doing this.
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Morning All!!!

Woke up to severe thunderstorms this morning and no power.

The power finally came back on about 15 minutes ago.

Not a whole lot planned for today, do have to go grocery shopping but am going to leave that until a bit later in the day.

Kitties are great sitting in the window watching birds.

Everyone have a great day
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Gary's sick, it's hot and getting hotter, and I'm going to catch up on work. YAY (not!).

Hope everyone enjoys their days though!
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I headed out early this morning to pick up some Tidycat Breeze pads and Kleenex... found the tissue, but not the Breeze pads. I'm on my last one, this is not good. Apparently, every Target and Walmart in the area has stopped selling the darn things. Evne the local Petco doesn't have them. Granted they are small.

So I came home in frustration and started working on the shelving for the book wall in the new living room. Okay, I swore my preferred configuration would fit. it doesn't. I adjusted my plans, remeasured and now I have shelves up, with a few inches of 'wasted space' (I downsized to a 1 bedroom apartment, so I need ALL the wall space i can get).

I was planning on having some downtime tonight and going to the local showing of the 25th Anniversary showing of my all time favorite movie: Bucakroo Banzai. Problem? I feel like staying home and wokring on getting my kitchen closer to being done... I still have 6 hours, but usually by 9:45, i'm looking at crawling into bed, not going to a movie. So, I'll think about it.

So, my Saturday is being spent trying to crawl out from under the boxes and mess from moving... the shelving will help.

And I've ordered the Breeze pads online... apparently the only place I can get them anymore.

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Am doing laundry and a bit of cleaning today. That's about it! Last night Rachel came by with Mason. They were in a car accident a few days ago and poor Rachel's face is all black around her eyes and she has stitches in her head. Mason was so secure in his car seat he didn't even seem to know anything happened! Thank God for child car seats!
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