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If you could see anyone in concert..

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who would it be?

Alive: Elton John
Dead: Elvis Presley
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For me that would be the Eagles hands down. I did get to see them in concert in 1993 for there comeback tour and it was the best. They are fantastic entertainers, and are big on audience participation.
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I would love too see the original members of pink floyd
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I would of loved to see an old Alice Cooper concert. Back when he was theatrical. The big Toothbrush being chased by the Big Tube of Paste? Thats entertainment.
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Alive: Joe Satriani
Dead: Stevie Ray Vaughan
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Hmmm. Interesting question.

Alive: Barbara Streisand!

Dead: Queen with Freddy Mercury
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The Beatles and Pink Floyd...
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Originally Posted by Natalie_ca View Post
Dead: Queen with Freddy Mercury

Originally Posted by carolinalima View Post
Pink Floyd...

& Bjork & the Rippingtons!..
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Green Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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for groups or artist that are still together, I missed a chance this past spring to see Gackt live here on Okinawa. the tickets went on sale on the one day I had a really bad flu!

For dead or broken up groups, I would have liked to see Queen in the Freddie Mercury days. Or Pierrot the Japense V-kei band.
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I'd go back to the 70's to see Led Zeppelin and the 60's for the Beatles. No "reunion" concerts; it would have to be with all the original members.
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Garth Brooks
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I saw Emerson, Lake & Palmer, with a full orchestra, in the '70's, and I'd love to go back to the '70's and see them again (and be the wild-child that I was back then, with everything that entails!) While I was back visiting the '70's, (and being wild)....I'd also love to see Led Zepplin, Jethro Tull and Pink Floyd.

They're in Montreal in this video. I saw them in Detroit, at Cobo Hall. Ah....the memories!!!
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Ooo I have a story about this!
I love Jethro Tull. One of my favorite bands ever. Always dreamed of seeing them live.
My ex (sort of current at the time. we still lived togethor, very complicated) got tickets to a show here in WI. Was I invited, NO. He got them for him and his transexual crack whore. (sorry for the language) She (he) played the flute (among other things, ya huh)
I was beyond heartbroken he asked her to go.
They had a falling out, and guess who he wanted to go with now???
I should have done bad things with the tickets to places he did not want, but damn, this was Jethro Tull! Ian, my baby! Once in a life time. I went. Sold my soul for rock and roll.
It was a great concert, I don't have regets. Well yea I do, but is was a good show.
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Seether - headlining and not supporting.
Tori Amos
Breaking Benjamin who don't fly so they wont be coming to the UK.
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Dead: Elvis, The Beatles, Johnny Cash

Alive: Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Rolling Stones, Garth Brooks, Foo Fighters (have seen them 3x in concert and loved them) list goes on.
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Originally Posted by BBDOLL22 View Post
I would love too see the original members of pink floyd

I also wished I could have seen a Michael Jackson concert. Sadly, that will never happen now.

I'd also like to see David Cassidy and Meatloaf.
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I would love to see Brian Setzer's Orchestra again.
Southern Culture On The Skids
Social Distortion
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Dead: Rosemary Clooney, Bing Crosby or Dean Martin
Alive: George Strait
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Alive: Howard Jones, Seal, Poets Of The Fall, Barry Manilow(yeah, I said Barry Manilow!)

Dead: Isaac Hayes, Richard Pryor, Redd Foxx
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Alive: Pink Floyd

Dead: Nirvana
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again and again and again
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