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Jane Doe

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Hi - I am new, but am good with cats - had em all my life. Last August I trapped a little calico that I call Jane Doe. She is feral, and was the most fertile little girl I've ever seen. Maybe 8-9 litters, good Mother. I had her spayed,(the Vet tells me she is 5 yrs. old) and I managed to catch and take care of her last litter. I have established a 'food lady' relationship. There are many ferals here, but i could only afford this one little girl. I feed her - and only her. To eat she does so - at my feet. She spent the winter in my garage, in a basket with a heating pad; I leave it open a bit for her antics. She only went out for the bathroom - she never used the litter. She is always close to my home, she brings me mice and birds. I have never touched her!! She rubs me once in a great while, she dances and prances, rolls and I guess rocks for me - but no touching. ONE YEAR we've been together. All the neighbors know Jane and cooperate. I do have before and after pictures - it's amazing.

Okay here is my question: I have to move - it's about 3 miles away. I hate to leave her. I have been extremely patient. She knows me - and likes me as well as she can, I think. Again, she is always close - always. She knows her name. She crys to me - always near. I have a lot of money invested in her, but she knows this area, she is the Queen - the neighborhood Diva. I want to try - and can try with the trap - but it has always been about Jane and what is best for her. I know others will feed her, but not like I have. If you leave food out, the bigger bully cats get it, Jane is the smallest little girl I've ever seen. Any really good advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Would you consider making her an inside only kitty? It'll take patience on your part, but she's not too old.

Just thought I'd ask first.

The problem with bringing her with you is that she would have to be confined somewhere for a minimum of three weeks - a month. Three miles is close enough she may try to make her way "home" with all the danger that entails. In the S.O.S. forum there's a story (recent) about a kitty that made it four miles back to his old home - twice! - and once after being hit by a car. He had to cross several busy roads - one a highway? and I think four sets of rail tracks to get home. !!!!

The only way to move her is if you want to bring her inside with you permanently, or if you are willing to confine her somewhere for a fairly long time to establish the feeding routine with particularly "attractive" food - so that when she is released, she's got the schedule down and will (hopefully) return for her meal.

Otherwise it's best to leave her.

But three miles isn't far for you - we've cared for feral colonies much further. Any reason you couldn't continue leaving food out for her if you decide to leave her in her territory?
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I could lock her in the new garage for weeks - but hate that there is nothing for sure. She is STILL extremely wild. There are people who will feed her but not like me. Most of my neighbors can't believe I've done this, but are understanding and know & like Jane. There is a river to cross in the 3 miles, which worries me - could be good - could be very bad. I've known all along that probably the best thing for Jane is to leave her in her comfort zone and that I've done my best for her.
I would try the house cat thing but have a committment to my 15 year old cat who is odd in his own way - - - hates everyone but me - and the move will be traumatic for him, as well.
Thanks for your input.
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I don't have the knowledge or expertise as most on this forum, but I am hoping I can help. It was my cat that LDG spoke of, he was a stray that I was caring for, about a year and a half, and then we had to move. It took many months for him to even let me touch him. I was afraid to bring him into my home because I didn't know how long he had been living outdoors and didn't think he would adjust. We moved him into the new office and he did escape, twice, and found his way back to the old one. When I see the roads that he had to cross, I get a lump in my throat, I can't believe he made it, and he had an encounter with a car! I knew he couldn't go back to the new office and I knew he would not be cared for at the old place so I just brought him here with me. I have kept him in a bedroom until he gets used to the smells and sounds of a house and then will slowly introduce him to the others. He is probably the most affectionate and loving of the cats that I have-I am so glad I brought him here. I also have another rescued feral-she was so wild when I brought her in, now she is such a love you would never believe it was the same cat.

It takes alot of time and patience but it is so worth it if that is what you decide for Jane.
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