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Lil certainly has a lot to say. She tells us "Take me OUT in the yard NOW!"

When the kittens were little, one day she was being harassed by them and got up to walk away from the brats. She grumbled under her breath as she walked away, I swear she was cursing a blue streak!
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Snowball's mother was a tortie named Casey, and she looked just like cookies Roxy except Casey had white feet. Also, many years ago I owned a tortie named Kitty, and she also looked just like Roxy. Unfortunately, I don't have any pics of either one of these cats.
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Hi acatsmeow! Welcome to TCS!

Threads where people join in to post pics are hosted in the Cat Lounge. Here is a link to the thread Sam was referring to in case you haven't been there yet: Torties!

Sabrina is beautiful - she looks really silky!

I hope you find The Cat Site fun and helpful! We're all pretty crazy about our cats, so it seems like you're going to fit in just fine...

There's lots of places to get questions answered here, and a lot of places to have fun. The Lounge is the place where we chat about just about anything - but especially our cats. Lots of threads for pics there, and feel free to start your own! And almost everyone really enjoys the "Caption This" forum.

Just jump on in!

Have Fun!
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yup, Roxy talks up a storm as soon as you make eye contact, people are amazed by her talking abilities! and she can do very high pitched meows, or very loud and deep, usually when you leave her and she still wants something (you coming back for more play or sritches) also now when she purrs her moews sound so funny it like a little lion, more like a rrrreow it just cracks me up it so cute!!!

it is so cool that these torties have similar personalities, Roxy also makes all kind of strange noises when she can't get something she is after!!

I have to get an mp3 file of her talking!!

I also thought Roxy was unique, until this post!! I told my neighbor who is in love with her that it is common for torties to have this talking trait, and now she is like my next cat will be a tortie for sure!!! she already had three cats, one which she rescued from the highway in winter!!

too bad Lorie you don't have pics of those torties...did they share some of the same traits?
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these are my Torty and Torby girls:
little one and her mom:

Welcome to the good company
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Can we merge these two threads???
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The two threads are now merged.
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Thanks Heidi!
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Punkin' really belongs to Tybalt. He drug her from pillar to post since she was 6 wks old and on his visit three years ago, I made him leave her with her Gramma. No more car trips, plane trips around the country, just lazy, hazy days of pamperdom! She is 13 now and queen of the house.[IMG]C:\\My Pictures0039\\Punkin relaxing best.jpg[/IMG]
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This is my Chrissie. She was dumped on a friend's porch and adopted by me a year ago. A face only a mother could love! Took her for first shots and vet said, "Oh, you've got a Tortie Point"! Okaaaay.
She has the most fabulous personality and is a BIG kisser holding her little face up for lots of smooches. She can travel around the room in 3 seconds flat without touching the floor! I think she was smacked in the face with a chocolate cream pie and it dripped all down her legs LOL. Here is her baby picture.[IMG]C:\\My Pictures0039\\Chrissie flat on rug (kitten).jpg[/IMG]
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And, here she is still chocolate pie-in-the-face-Chrissie at one year old and, of course, spoiled as the rest of them. She looks so tired because she never walks anywhere! Very much a hyperactive kid. I need some Ritlin LOL![IMG]C:\\My Pictures0039\\Chrissie on couch, lazy-eyed.jpg[/IMG]
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Chrissie is gorgeous and so is punkin'!

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Found an old picture of my rainbow bridge girl Macumba - she was about 10 or 12 in this pic, still young & healthy:

I think the Tortie Points are adorable!
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Ohhh so spunky!

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Babycakes is Daddys little tortie girl,

And Rurnt is mommies little tortie girl,

And no, she doesn't have green eyes, they are blue, but turned green when we tried to edit out the red-eye.....looks kinda wierd though.
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I love torties! I actually want one for my next cat. I love the blend of colors and think theyre beautiful. I cant imagine thinking theyre ugly cats People can be so mean for the silliest reasons!
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Here is my pretty girl Jasmine
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And my Shanahna
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Jezabel my new shelter cat
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Hey guys, here's another pic of my tortie point, Miss Rurnt

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More of Tybalt's Punkin' flirting.[IMG]C:\\My Pictures0039\\Punkin peek 1.jpg[/IMG]
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Prett girl
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Punkin'[IMG]C:\\My Pictures0039\\Punkin peek 3.jpg[/IMG]
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Punkin is a sweetie.
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Punkin is such a pretty girl!

Sending scritches to her and her kitty friends!
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Here's my Tortie
"Faline"....I was interested to read that other torties tended to be shy of other humans, other than their special "persons" and very talkative and that some would play fetch. I'm glad to know that my Faline-ie sounds like she fits "right in" with her co-tortie kittys.
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Please see my website for the baby Torties I have now Autumn and Shalomar
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Teresa: Here is my newly acquired tortie persian. She is 3 mos this week. I went into your site, but the pictures wouldn't appear for me, only the box with the red x in it. I'm dying to see your pictures especially the tortie kittens. I also bought CindySue. They are sisters and CindySue in a Brown Tabby with two bits of red on her back and a piece of beige on one paw. What would you call her exact color? I will post her picture in next Post.[IMG]C:\\My Pictures0039\\Mindyonsheet.jpg[/IMG]
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Her little face is so cute because you can see it better with the lighter mask. Like I said above, they have Brown Tabby on her papers, but she has two spots of red on her back and a bit of beige on a paw.??[IMG]C:\\My Pictures0039\\Cindybacksilly.jpg[/IMG]
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