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Hummm... let's try this again?

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wow.. that's one big pic LOL Sorry but I don't know how to shrink it...

~ Salem
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Ok I am losing my mind *edit*

Here's the picture smaller, so you should probly delete the big one in your post!

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All of your torties are soo adorable!
Salemsmith~ what happened to your hobo's eye?
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Wow, I didn't realize torties came in such a variety of color combinations. They are all so pretty.
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Oh Teresa, I LOVE Starry!
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I love torties! They have such personality!
Do any of yours talk?
Mine would talk & mutter a lot...she was also a one-person cat, very sweet & loving to me but scared of strangers.
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yup my torti Roxy, talks all the time, she now even greats strangers with a little meow, she constantly talks to me while we play fetch, and any time I will pet her she make that trill noise, and not just to me, she will talk to anyone, but more to me. she is so funny, if I leave in the middle of fetch to another room, her meows get different in tone and louder, we've come to very well understand her different moews/chirps, when she is very excited about playing there are longer and lighter, when she is happy, they are short and deeper, when she wants wet food, there are so squeeky, it doesn't even sound like her voice LOL!!! When I moew back we have cat conversations, with different tone and amount of meows! As soon as I walk in the door when I get home from work, she meows and rubs me and humps her back (she wants pets), once I pet her she purrs! She has become so special to me, and brings much joy to my life, she also amazes everyone who comes over, with how freindly and how much personality she has! Even those who dislike cats or black cats, before meeting her that is! I have had her since Feb, from the SPCA, and I couldn't have been luckier, saving such a sick kitty who was truly so sweet!
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Roxy sounds like a total sweet heart!!
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Awwwwww, how sweet! She plays fetch?

I had conversations with Macumba too. I was wondering if "talking" was a common tortie thing.
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thanx she really is!! and from previous posts of others yes it does seem torties talk alot! I am not sure why, cause aren't torties just domestick cats with a torti coat? I thought personality traits depended on breed not coat? could someone clarify? Is it a torti gene or someting?

but yes it does seem that Torties have this extra personality!

Roxy has become obbsessed with fetch!!!!!! she never gets enough, she could do it for hrs! Its crazy!, but only if you throw in spots she likes, particulary in the sinks or bath tubs or shelves/ counters, she doesn't like to retrieve it just from the ground she likes a challenge (and jumping), now she has gotten so good at it, you can go to the other room and she will bring it to you there, and meow and make you follow her the he spot she wants it thrown again! I have seen her play fetch over and over and still amazes me how much she understands!

Even when she does something she is not suppose to, a little no from me and she will stop right away!!! she is such a good girl!! she even lets me rub her belly now!!
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She sounds so sweet.

There's another thread here that you might find interesting that talks about color & personality:
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thanx for the link, very interesting
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Found a pic of Macumba talking:
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There is a gorgeous tortie at the SPCA right now who needs a home. She was so scared when we took her photo, she had just come in. She was trembling! I hope someone adopts her soon! Her name is Gizzie, she needs a more dignified one.
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oh she is gorgeous! I really hope someone adopts her! poor baby! keep us posted!!!
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She's beautiful. I wish I could take her, but you're too far away, and my husband would faint if I brought home another animal.

I hope someone takes her soon!
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Gizzie has gone home to Bast. I found out today she'd been put down yesterday. I cried when I heard that, she deserved better than that.

Damn it people, spay and neuter your pets. (I know here at TCS I am preaching to the choir.)
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Oh, Sue, I am so sorry. To deal with that heartbreak on a regular basis must eat you alive. You're an angel for trying to help.

She was beautiful - torties hold a special place in my heart since my Macumba died.
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Here's another ultra-sweet Tortie -- my Cindy, AKA Cindy-Bun, and various other corruptions of the concept of Cinnamon Bun -- 'cuz of the cinnamon dusting...

She's just over 2, is the shy one in the family, but once she decides you're OK, she's mushier than possible. The path across our back lawn is a toll path, i.e. if you wish to pass, you must stop on each stone and pay -- scritches...gets interesting at night! She's also a talker -- sometimes quite a chatterbox. And she's Mum's Girl.
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Cute Pics Everyone!!!!! Awww I'm so sorry to hear about Gizzie Sue, it's a hard life
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Someone at another shelter told me not that long ago that torties are hard to adopt out. I asked if it was because of their "tortie-tude" and she said "no, a lot of people think they're ugly."

IMO, Torties are the prettiest of all the coat patterns! (Not that others aren't nice, I just am partial to torties!) I don't understand how ANYONE could think they were ugly!!?? Sheesh!
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They're absolutely beautiful! They look to me like they're dappled with sunlight; as if they were resting under a shady grove on a sunny day, and kept the markings from the sun. And once they bond with you, they are very loyal and loving.

Hi Fran - your Cindy sounds sweet. I can't see your picture, though.
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Poor torties
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ChiChi is beautiful!
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How can anyone think a TORTIE is ugly???
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Ugly?? I think not.

All the pics are beautiful .
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I was told the same thing when I got my Tortie, Someone actually said to me "oh my cousin has a cat like that and everyone always told her is was ugly!" I was like how rude! I have had some family/friends say my Tortie is ugly before they got to now her personality. But on the plus side, I have also had some people be so surprised by her coat and fall in love with it, saying "I want a cat like that!!" I don't think Torties are ugly at all, I think they are so special and unique! Like they have blonde/orange highlights!! It breaks my heart that people don't pick them at the shelter for that reason, it's the same at the shelter here, Torties stay longer, if I hadn't rescued Roxy she was going to be put down too.
I do believe peoples minds are changing, and more people are starting to like Torties, especially with all that personality!! It is so sad that some people don't realize they could be missing the most affectionate palyful kitty just because they don't like their coat color!!!!!!
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