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Little sisters[IMG]C:\\My Pictures0039\\CindyMindyonRdPost.jpg[/IMG]
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Barb- She looks to me like a Brown Tortie Tabby(Check out my Last BUT not least(pics) thread to see my sophie or she might just be a brown tabby with a few patches of red, congrats on your new arrivals!
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Here we call it brown patched tabby.

I am adding the photos of the Tortie kittens! This is Autumn.
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This is Shalomar
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Or a brown torbie!

Teresa- Autumn looks to be a sweetie. How many litters of kittens did you have this season?
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Shalomar- Looks to be more of a "Happy Tortie"

( Meaning brighter tortie colors )
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Both kittens are available to a special loving home. We had three litters this year from three queens.
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We also have Tabatha a brown patched tabby.
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Oh Lovely Teresa!
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RH...........My Name is Cindy Sue LOL Never known anyone to use SUE with Cindy except for me. everyone else goes with the Grinch and Cindy Lou!
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OMG DragonLady and RHbarb , your cats are gorgeous Autumn is to cute
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they are all adorable
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Hi just couldn't resist, this will be the first ever pics i post here! my Sakura is a blue cream mitted split face tortie quite a mouthful, eh?

LOL...hope these turn out ok and everyone enjoys!!!
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Sakura is very cute
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Sakura is precious!
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