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Sam started a thread on Orange kitties so I'm starting one with my fav tortoiseshells!
This is Rudy!
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Gotta love those tortureshells!

I need to get my pics loaded from the old computer so I can post more kitty pictures...
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This is Starry
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What uh cutie!! AS you know princeys a tortie too!! the first kitty looks like a persian tortie??
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Yes, Crystal both are Persian Tortoishells
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I thought so
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How cute are your bubbies Teresa!

I have one Tortoishell Persian, a Tortoishell & white persian, a brown tortoishell and a blue tortoishell, can ya tell I'm a sucker for torties , My fave colors are Blue Cream, Tortie & Red Tabby!
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Good going Crystal.

Both Teresa and I are Persian breeders

I should of also mentioned the kitten in my signature is one of my t/whites, Holly!

Have a good day!
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Here's Lilith, our gorgeous tortie gal:
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I am hoping to some day have dilutes in my cattery! I love bluecreams and dilute calicos. I have only one solid blue female and will be getting a calico who will carry the dilute gene.
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And here is her daughter, Max, a dilute tortie!
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Wow Lillith is very striking!
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What beauties!
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Wow! Sue Both Lillith & Max are gorgeous, I especially like Max the Blue Cream....

Aww! Yes Teresa Dilites are the funkiest persians, not as naughty as the black torties but are softer and I just lurrve blue/creams.

Can we see a picture of your solid blue please Teresa?

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Lil and Max both have the tortie personality. They are beautiful, they are royalty, and they know it!

They're built the same, too, both are very little girls. I'd guess them both at about 7 lbs each. Max is the only one of Lil's kittens that is not bigger than mom.

Just a note for those who don't know: We adopted Lilith from the SPCA 2 yrs and a bit ago. We found out three weeks later that she was pregnant! (Not by our cats, who are all fixed!) She had a litter of 6, we kept them all, and everyone's been spayed/neutered. That was how our cat family got so big in the first place!!!
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Ok Sam because you asked so nicely, here is Drysi!
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Wow, Teresa, what gorgeous cats!!!!!!
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Thanks Sue, your kitties are beautiful too! Such regal looking queens! My girls look like little stuffed animals! LOL They are the sweetest though!
Drysi is going in for a swab to see why she isn't concieving. We have bred her 3 times with no results. She may have a low grade infection that is causing her to reabsorb the kittens. I am also taking the older kittens and getting them their shots and microchipping this week.

Wish us luck!
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I have a torti also.
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Awww what pretty kitties!!
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Awwww Drysi is so funky! Thanks for sharing Teresa!

Nana has a Blue Persian called "Elite Bolt outta tha blue" or Sooky Blue for short, She always HAS to be with Nana ,and worships her, She has a gorgeous wee head but a long body

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I love Torties! Here is mine, a talkative and very own personality...
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She's gorgeous, Steffi
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This is ChiChi.. she's 14 and lives at my parents house

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They are all such gorgeous kitties! I love torties, I've always wanted one. When I saw Lil in the SPCA, I knew she had to come home with us!
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Here is Roxy, my Torti, who has lots of torti persoanlity, she talks a lot, and now plays fetch! We love her to pieces, she is very special to us... when we got her she was so sick, the vet thought she may not make it! Now she is as healthy as can be, and a hyper-active spayed kitty!
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My grandmother had a manx tortie while we were growing up that hated kids, but Tinker got the best of everything and us grandkids knew better than to take her chair.
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My Marbles is a tortie. Gotta love it! She has made me a lover of tri-colors .

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This is my baby Hobo.

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I love all the new nortie tortie pictures

SalemSmith Hobo doesn't seem to be showing up

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