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Anyone use Veet or similar?

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I just hate shaving so I thought I'd try something else. I guess I expected the Veet gel with the bladeless razor to be something else, I don't see how it's any different than shaving except you risk chemical burns instead of razor burns/cuts. Has anyone tried something other than shaving (or waxing, cant do it myself!) with a regular razor? Thumbs up or down?
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I've used Veet and it's not bad at all. The one i had didn't have a bladeless razor though, it had a small exfoliating type sponge.

Other than that, waxing is much better!
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I saw the one with the spongey thing but I thought I'd go with the razor to start, since it was cheaper
Does it seem to last longer/work better than regular shaving?
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I use Veet when I'm too lazy to shave.
Like any other depilatory though, it seems to cause the regrowth to be thicker, but it does last about three days longer than shaving, and it doesn't leave my skin dry like shaving does.
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Originally Posted by MonaxLisa View Post
Does it seem to last longer/work better than regular shaving?
To be honest, although it's good, by the time i've smoothed on the foam, left it for x amount of minutes, then removed it, i could have had my legs shaved and moisturised
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I used the sponge type Veet lasted a bit longer than shaving, but didnt get all my hair, so I still had to shave/pluck certain areas, which was very annoying (regardless of contact time). And I agree with the last comment, it ends up taking a lot longer than you might think.
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I haven't tried that, but I've tried other depilitories. It's easier just to shave.
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I use Veet, but instead of the razor or sponge, I use an old washcloth. I do leave the Veet on for 10 minutes instead of 6, but it leaves a much better result than shaving. After I am done with the washcloth, then I use a bath poof thingy just to make sure. When I get out of the shower, then I smooth a little baby oil onto my legs for a super silky finish. I found out that the key to using Veet, is not only leaving it on for 10 minutes, but to put a good, thick layer on and smooth it in the direction of the hair growth.
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I hate shaving, so I thought I'd try a depilatory. I'm pretty sure it was Veet. But it gave me chemical burns (like a sunburn), and I couldn't stand the smell. Dang, if I had the guts I'd just go hippie and stop shaving altogether . I already don't shave in the winter because nobody's going to see my legs then anyway!
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I use the Veet razor-thingy for my bikini and knees, which I find hard to shave. I just shave the rest of my legs. I find it works well, but like Welderwoman said, you do have to put on a generous amount and leave it longer than it says to.
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