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Agression Question

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It's been awhile. I still read the threads, but now have a question.

A while back I had asked about a behavior problem I was having with Mikko. We brought Mimurr home at 8 weeks and during the winter they seemed to be getting along fine. But now that spring is here Mikko has been going outside. He is an outdoor cat. Well, Mikko will not come in the house nor the porch. Most likely because he smells the other cat, who is an indoor cat. I have talked to my vet and she said it will always be like this. Everytime i bring mikko in he becomes agressive toward Mimurr. BUT, he never uses his claws on him. Both are neuteured.

Question. I hear about Feliway and was wondering how this works. Where can I buy it.

See, we decided it wasn't fair to Mikko to have to stay outside because he feels like we replaced him. Mikko is so loving to me out on the picnic table, but once I try to bring him in, he gets mad. I know he smells the other cat once he get beyond the door to the porch. That's when he acts up.

I am going to find a new home for Mimurr and try to reintroduce Mikko to his home. I am sure the kitty smell is everywhere in the house. (Oh and I found a great guy to take Mimurr in. He is older with no kids and love cats to death. He just lost his older one. So i know Mimurr will be loved) I am hurting inside to give him up, but I feel for Mikko as well. It's raining and thundering outside and he just won't come in.

Thanks for letting me spout. AND, i don't need to hear how bad a person I am to be giving up the kitty. I feel bad enough. But i owe Mikko to show him I still love him.

Well if you can give me the place where I can buy Feliway I really would appreciate it. Unfortunately, scent away (the hunters tool) doesn't work. Tried it.

Thanks again and love this site.

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I am sorry to hear it came to giving one up. I am just happy that your first and older cat is staying. I hate to see people bring new pets in and then get rid of the older ones first. It sounds like you are doing the most kind thing for both.
The feliway is supposed to work wonderful. You can find it at www.kvvet.com. There is also a product that gets any odor out that you can use on carpets(in a steam cleaner), in a cool mist humidifier, in the laundry, to clean floors etc. It is called NOKOUT. you can go to www.kalever.com to read about all the uses and I beleive you can buy it through there too. I love the stuff. I use it in the litter as well.
I am sorry you had to give Mimurr up. It sounds like you have made a wonderful match though.
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I just got back from bringing my older male Casey to his new home. Why? Because my other cats were beating up on him. He became a scaredy cat and was stressed out and NOT happy. He is now under my best friend's couch totally confused as to what has happened to him and why. He is the only cat in the house and will have peace and quiet yet I feel absolutely rotten.

I had him since he was 5 weeks old. Does THAT make me a bad person because I didn't find homes for my other cats instead of keeping him?

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I think you both did what was best in your own situations.

Blakcat--Mimurr will be happy with his new dad, and Mimurr will be the light of his life. And Donna, in the other thread you said that Casey needed a quieter home. That's what he'll be getting. Giving him to someone else isn't "wrong" or "bad"--it's an act of love. Letting go in this case is a very loving thing to do. I think sacrificing your happiness for theirs shows how much you both love your furbabies. You're also giving other people a chance to experience the joy of owning 2 very special kitties.
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Thanks Donna.

Although I know it is the right thing to do. I know that I will miss him. I love cats. Always have. We use to have a dog, but he got old and we put him to sleep. Even now after 4 years, there are times I feel sad thinking about him.

I just want everyone to know that it was a tough choice to make, but I know it is the right one. I also don't understand people who get rid of the older ones. I'm still mad at my sister for getting rid of cinnamon. A beautiful persian. I can only hope she found a good home.

What do you do about people who you know shouldn't have pets. That was the reason I took Mimurr. Since he was taken by this family at 4 weeks I thought that was outrageous. Then to find out he was being put outside on cold rainy days, really ticked me off. My nephew told me he would sit outside the door and cry to be let in. AT only a month old, i was just sick about it. Then their kids would play catch and twirl him using his back legs. Thank god I took him from them. But I wonder what other kind of pet they got to take it's place. These are really stupid people. This was her 3rd marriage and 5 kids. I get mad just thinking about it. Is there any recourse to stop people having pets. I think we should have one.

Hey. Thanks for listening anyway.


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You know, it would be really nice if we could make it a law that you have to treat pets right. After all I have seen, I have come to the conclusion that it's just not a national issue. Pets will be disposable as long as we have puppy mills, cat mills and people who don't spay and neuter. No matter how I view these situations I can't control how other people think and react to situations. I have worked with someone for a year..today we were talking and he asked if I thought he was awful because they declawed their cat. He is not a bad person and gives her tons of love. I just told him, he is a great person and that It was just lazy of them not to take the time to train the cat.
You can talk to some people until you are blue in the face and it never makes a difference. I have learned to tune enough out that I dont go mental. So far this week I have had someone euthanize a dog because they didn't want it (he was only 1yr), a cat who was badly burned and swung into a back yard at 8 weeks of age, a person looking for a shelter to dump their cat in, an abondened declawed cat, a dog tied out all day to rott and a female pit bull who is not spayed and sits in an open yard on a teather calling come get me. I would like to think that someday I can rest easy and know this abuse will stop.
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Sandie, I agree with you 95%. I say 95 because of the declawing... I will NOT declaw a cat ever again, but I have had past cats done. In fact, I lost my most precious baby to a cat fight and I think he would have had a chance if he would have had his claws to protect him. I also learned that day to keep my kitties safe & healthy inside. But what I mean with the declawing is that alot of people out there do not know what declawing really does to a cat. I didn't. Declawing is so common... it's seems like spaying/neutering & declawing go hand in hand! I am happy to hear about alot more vets out there who will not do the procedure
But, you are right... telling people about these things doesn't help. But.. it is the pet owners decision. There are tons of cats out there who have lived a long, happy, declawed life. We can't make it a law, but as long as the information is more available, thats the best we can do!
Sorry I went off a little there!

And Blackcat... I'm behind you on this one! You are doing what you feel is right and that is all you can do. It sounds like Mimurr is going to be just as loved as if he would stay with you!
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I am a little confused...I am not for declawing at all. Thats why he asked me if I thought he was awful. Of course I think what he did was awful, but he is not a bad person. If I hated everyone I knew that had declawed a cat..I would have about 4 fewer friends. Two of them frequent the site.
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i think there is a law about pets, but it is not enforced. And as long as that happens, there will always be neglect, abuse, and irresponsible people who want pets only to decorate their house. They think because animals can't talk, they don't have feelings. Here is an example; When I was with my ex, there were these neigbors. They had a small dog who they did not spay. Every years, she would have puppies. She was a mix breed. I told the neighbors to have their dog spayed if they don't want anymore puppies. They told me to mind my own business. Another neighbor got a puppy for her daughter who loved animals. The puppy was from the litter of the other neigbor. The lady( a mexican who knew little about dogs) said that all a dog needs is food and water. The dog was not trained, was not neutered, and was never taken for his vaccines. They only fed him scraps from their table. Well, Rex grew up. The lady complained thet rex chewed up everything. I told the lady all the things she needed to do about the dog. she never listened. The girl is only six. I told her if she can't take care of it, to give it to someone who will.
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I'm sorry.. I should have rephrased that. I agree with you on the fact that declawing is wrong... my whole point I guess was that people are so uninformed about the whole thing. I just kinda rambled on and really didn't make my point. It's the owners decision what they want to do, but I think more of them would make different desicions if they were informed better.

I still feel like I"m not making sense! LOL
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Oh heck...some days I dont make sense at all. I just wanted to make it clear that I was AGAINST declawing. I have 11 beautiful babies of which all have their claws.
However it seems, by expressing your feelings some people do change their minds. We have stopped at least 3 here on the site. It does seem to shed a little ray of hope. Now if I can just work on the rest of civilization
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I'm glad my e-mail got the topic going.

Have you ever heard of plastic nails. I remember a girl i use to work with didn't want to declaw her cat, but had plastic tops put on. Isn't that wild. She said it helped her cat stop scratching the funiture or something to that effect.

I agree that by informing people about these issues, more and more people will stop. I wish that we as a society could do some kind of policing. What I mean is if we see someone abusing a cat or animal, we could bring them in. We could contact the SPCA and have them fined. And the monies could be used at a local pet shelter. Now wouldn't that be great. Maybe we could start something.

How about it. An animal bill of rights.


Well thats all i have to say about that.

Take care everyone.
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LOL..I dont know how it got started but it did!!
It kills me because I get calls at the vet clinic all the time. People call and tell me that there's a community of ferals in their backyards or their neighbor has thrown a cat out. I even get calls asking what to do about kittens found in a yard. I know here in CT NOBODY will take cats. The pound only deals with dogs, the humane society is a kill shelter and will only put people on a waiting list. There is also a drop off fee if you wait the months it takes to get a cat in there. I feel bad telling them there is nothing they can do!!
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I live in MN, and there is an elderly woman near Minneapolis that has her own shelter, for all animals. We went there once to get a cat for my FIL. She does this strictly on donations... you don't even have to pay for the animals when you adopt them! (But how can you not give a donation?) The sad thing is, it is in her barn. They transformed their farm into a shelter and it's only her & her husband and a few volunteers. It's not the cleanest place you want to visit, there were many long haired cats that had not been groomed in months. I'm sure there were fleas on many of the animals, too. But the animals are fed, loved and safe. It's more than is said for the animals on the street! But it's a no-kill shelter. She keeps them until they are adopted or they pass away on their own. I give her tons of credit for what she is doing! I wish more people knew about her.

And I wish I had the room to do something like that myself....
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