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Introducing "My Cat"

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This is shredder, he is my boyfriends cat, but Im the only person he really likes so i call him mine Hes 4 years old, and so pretty!

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He looks very handsome and distinguished! I'm not sure he likes having his picture taken, though! Dare I ask how he got the name "Shredder"?
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Love the orangies!!! Very sweet.
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How great is this pic?! Mr. Suave.

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Welcome to the Site Schredder!...
What a big mouth you have!... Second pic!...

lovely, absolutely lovely!...
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Shredder is a very handsome, regal cat. Post more pics!
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What a handsome fella! I love the orange and orange/white kitties!
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Originally Posted by Keycube View Post
How great is this pic?! Mr. Suave.
totally. very cute smile and lots of personality!
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great pics i especially like the 3rd pic. very cute smile with lots of personality
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That third pic gave me a giggle! Gorgeous puss, my big ginger and white boy is currently purring next to me.
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Put me on the list of people who love the 3rd pic!

That cat sure can SMILE! Whoa!

He is veryyyy cute!
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Yes, once again, that is a photo that cries out for a LOLcat caption!
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