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Feisty 8 week old Da Bird killer

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Palermo snatched the Da Bird up as soon as it hit the floor.......have a look at what happens next.
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That is too funny! what a cute lil kitten, and he is certainly very feisty!!
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"Iz MINE! I caught it fair and square - IZ MINE!"

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I have a little feather toy I take to the shelter with me, and it seems like in every batch of kittens, there is always at least one who are like that, growls and all.
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That is hilarious!
Hes got a lot of personality in that tiny little body
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Haha I love when cats/kittens get so possessive over Da Bird I guess you won't adopt him into a home with a real bird?
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Too funny! So small and so ferocious, hehe

He sure loves his "Da Bird!"
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What a riot! I love how he keeps grabbing at it with his little paws while trying to back away with it.

Ferris is just like that with Da Bird - if he gets ahold of it I have a dickens of a time trying to get it back from him - he goes all wild and growly!
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Growly kittens are so cute!
He was pretty determined to hang onto Da Bird.
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I had to come back and look at this again! He's just too darn cute! I love seeing little kitties trying to act all ferocious!!

What would he do if you let him run off with it?
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Haha! Palermo is a ferocious little kitten! Very adorable, yet kinda scary . It's like he's playing tug-o-war with it like a dog! You do know that that toy is his now, it doesn't seem like he's gonna ever give it up for anything!

Ya got yourself one heck of a determined little kitten there!
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He's a little growler like Jack
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That's hilarious! Thanks so much for the video!
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That was great Nial!
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