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Question of the Day - Aug 14th - Friday

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Who is the sweetest person you know? Never has a harsh word about anyone, always finding the good in others. Doesn't gossip.

Up until last year, I would have to say my mother. BUT lately she has decided speaking her mind is more her style.

I'm going to have to say my husband. He very rarely gets angry, doesn't judge people and always has something nice to say about a person.
He ALWAYS stops to help people on the side of the road. Little old ladies just love him when he does.
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awwwww...Eva what a question!......Of course DW!... but ,....I have to say, the same as you well said... "Meowmy" have been more close to me this last year and I understand many ways & manners to her in order of her age...
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My mother in law was was one of the nicest people I've ever known. Too nice for her own good unfortunately, as she could have done much better for herself than her husband. She did like to gossip, but only because she was sociable and wasn't mean or anything. Just kept up with everyone, and had an amazing memory!
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Wendy, my MIL would be my choice as well. She is a very special woman IMO. She is gentle, kind and sees the good in everyone and everything, even me.
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My Mother is the sweetest person i know. She is always positive, always wants to give hugs and kisses, always expresses her love. When you are feeling down she will always bring you up as if it is the easiest job in the world to bring someone up from depression.

She love animals, and would do anything to rescue them. She is the only person i know who has at least 30 wild animals in her yard at any given time that actually sit on her lap, and takes food from her hand.

She sometimes gets taken advantage of by her friends because regardless of how annoying or out of the way something is that is asked of her, she will always do it.

I can’t think of anything bad to say about my Mother, she also took care of my Fathers 90 year old Mother after my parents had separated. The Doctors insisted she go to a home, that it would be like taking care of a toddler… and it was. She saw my Dad crying and took his Mother in, no questions asked. It was a year after that they got back together =). My Dad said it would be impossible to find a woman like my Mother and bought her another wedding ring.

She’s the best =) I am very lucky.
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DH I guess.

He doesn't gossip, and doesn't really say mean things about people unless it's the truth... He'll call a spade a spade if it fits, but not in a cruel way.

My friend Laurie too: She is one of the kindest people I know, and is very good at finding the good in other people.

My momma too: She saw the good in me, even though I wasn't being too kind as a teen.

This question is hard because everyone has emotions, so I can't really say that anyone never has said a harsh word about others when others have done something to warrant it.

But neither of the above people are negative for the sake of being negative. If they say someone is a donkeys butt, then it is truly because they are actually like a donkeys butt.

Now on the other hand, I can think of quite a few gossipy, negative, insulting, hurtful people whom do it on purpose and not because someone is truly deserving of their "wrath".
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That is a real hard question for me to answer. I know lots of nice people, lots of good people but don't think any one of them stands out above the others..
Every person has a few flaws and are entitled to some let's say less then intelligent moments.
One person whom I would say was very insightful for me was my grandmother who passed away many years ago..She use to always tell us "make sure your back yard is taken care of before you criticise your neighbors".
I would also have to add my parents to the list because they taught me that the road to being respected starts with you respecting others.
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I would have to say the sweetest person I know is my friend Dee...I met her at work and we clicked instantly she has been there to talk to me thru anything, gossips (not maliciously) with me and is a joy to be around text and work with every single day! She not only works her butt off at Perkins but she also takes care of her two sons one of which has downs syndrome and is the sweetest little boy in the whole world! I think that Dee is by far the most amazing person Ive ever met and my life is so much richer for her being in it!
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That kind of sweet would have been my Mum. If you couldn't like her, you couldn't like anyone. Funny you should ask the question today, as today would have been her birthday.

Who would it be now? That's a tough one, since nobody fits it as completely as she did, though many come close. But I think maybe the person who comes closest is a woman I work with.
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I would been my Grandmother. She died last month at the age of 99. She was the sweetest kindest person, I have ever met. She loved everyone. She was always bringing a meal to someone who was sick. Doing someones laundry. She went all day everyday doing for others. She was able to keep going like that until she was 95.
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I apparently do not know many sweet people cause I really can't think of one so I'll say myself
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Well, that would be a tie between my Mom and my daughter. I have always gotten along with Mom and there is not an unkind bone in her body. I think that Jen has gotten all of Mom's good points. She has never given us any trouble - no sex, drugs and they don't call it rock 'n' roll anymore.

I love them both very much.

Now, DH is another story.
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I have to say my niece's husband. This man will bend over backwards for most people, he is the most compassionate man I know. My niece is very lucky to have him.
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Probably DH's grandmother. She's kind, caring, and very careful in what she says to others not to hurt them.
Of course I can tell sometimes when she's P.O.'ed or has made some judgment about a person. She's also very defensive over her "kids", especially her grandkids. She considers me in that bunch since I don't have any family that would care.

I can't say she raised her daughters to follow her example... My MIL is very judgmental, a bit childish, loves to gossip, and says terrible things about people all the time. Oh well..

Luckily DH took after his father - more considerate and extremely patient. My FIL is a good person and the one defining trait that makes him more so is that he usually thinks before saying anything.
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This is a good question and I have been thinking about this a lot during the past few weeks.
The child care provider (not sure if that's the correct translation) who practically raised me, is the sweetest, kindest and most unselfish person I've ever met. Her own daughters are a lot like her too, so she did a good job.
Unfortunately she passed away three weeks ago after a long period of illness. I was at her funeral two weeks ago and it was the hardest thing I've ever had to do.. I just didn't know what to say to her daughters (they are older than me) and her husband, I would have lost it big time if I had even tried. I will have to do it eventually but I need some time.

This was the first time I have lost someone (human) who I love very dearly, and I just can't accept that she is gone. It's just so unfair.
I've been to few funerals before, but this was very different. You could really see she was very exceptional person.
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My best friend Pam and my sister because they never bad mouth anyone
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My friend Melissa is for sure the sweetest gentlest soul I know. I feel protective of her, and incredibly lucky to have her in my life. She always makes me (and everyone else!) feel good about myself, and has the most wonderful smile
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My former coworker Christy. She was always soo kind and compassionate! Never heard a mean word from her, and every day she always found the positives in things! She really made me want to be a better person! Definitely miss working with someone as kind as she was!!

My boyfriend Jack is also a complete sweetheart too.....treats everyone he meets with kindness and respect, and is always thoughtful
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I can't think of one! It sure isn't me either.

OK wait, I'll go with one of my cousins. She is a preschool teacher and very, very sweet.
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