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Anyone have a buckwheat pillow?

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I spend a small fortune (for someone with such a meager salary) trying to find the perfect pillow. My aunt used to call me "Princess Pea" from the fairy tale about the girl who had problems sleeping because there was an itty bitty pea under her mattress. I have tried down pillows, cool touch, memory foam, conventional foam, and a lot more. Several years ago, buckwheat pillows were sort of a fad item and they sold them in local department stores. I'm not sure if they still sell them around here, but they are readily available online. Does anyone have an opinion on them? And do they rustle when you roll over? Thanks.
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You sound like me! I am on a personal quest to find the perfect pillow, and I'm seldom comfortable. What works best for me is down, but only for about 6 months, and it's not good for my allergies. Total princess.
I bought a buckwheat pillow a couple of years ago, and it got about 2 night's use! I found it uncomfortable, noisy and didn't like the smell.
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Interesting.... I've never heard of them.

I have a memory foam pillow, that I love.

I also like the ones they sell at my physio office, they are water filled. The downfall, they are HEAVY.
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[quote=I bought a buckwheat pillow a couple of years ago, and it got about 2 night's use! I found it uncomfortable, noisy and didn't like the smell.[/QUOTE]

I did too, I didn't like it for the same reasons.
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Im a pillow junkie myself and wake up as soon as my pillow gets hot I need a nice ice cold one to sleep. I get the fancy smancy ones from Wal-Mart they are like 8-10 for a single pillow and so far Ive had these ones for about 4 mths now and they are still as fluffy and smooshy as the day I bought them and they cool off quickly so I can keep flipping it around for a cool spot!
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Ohh I am the same - I am on a mission to find the perfect pillow as I have shoulder issues that lead to neck issues.

If you find something, tell us!
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Try going to a chiropractor and buying a chiropractic pillow. They're so great! I absolutely love mine. It's not a soft pillow that your head sinks down into. It's actually quite firm, but it's supposed to be because it's for neck support.
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Funny, I loved my buckwheat pillow, lol! I really did love it after I had surgery and was supposed to do heat therapy twice a day......stick that sucker in the microwave and you had a nice, warm compress that formed to your body's shape!
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love my buckwheat pillow
cats love my buckwheat pillow

I've found a place that has refills.
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I have a buckwheat pillow that someone gave me several years ago. I love it for body support my back when it hurts, to heat it and lay it on my tummy when I have cramps, etc. But to sleep It's kind of hard and crunchy and lumpy and yes, it does make noise when you roll over.
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I too am on a quest for the perfect pillow, i went as far as buying an $80 down pillow! (and I don't even like it!!!)

This is my next pillow purchase
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I've had a down pillow, but the pillow I have now is way better and less expensive! It's a Simmons pillow (firm) that I got at Walmart for $12. It even held up in the wash without becoming lumpy.

Holiday Inn sells their hotel pillows online for $25 and these are also quite comfortable. I guess they started selling them because they were so comfortable that people started taking them!
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Thank you all for your answers! It's nice to know there are other pillow people out there! I do like hotel pillows; I might try buying one from the Holiday Inn sight.
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