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Blossom's changing.

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Blossom will be 3 next month. I've had her since she was 3 w/o. She has been a very active cat & not particularly cuddly. She has always shown her belly as cats do & I can't resist giving it a soft rub. She didn't used to take it & would either bite or scratch.

Over time she has accepted the belly rubs more & more but when she's had enough she will grab my hand. As times gone on she has become more friendly, rubbing herself around my leg, again as cats do. I've never really been able to hold her for long without her struggling to get away.

Well, tonight while I was laying on the lounge watching TV she walked onto my side & sat down. She then began to her face so I would give her ear rubs & purr in the softest voice.

She is such a funny cat & never ceases to amaze me with her antics.
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Awwwww, bless. That would of bought a tear to my eye! kind of makes you feel special! I always think that no matter what the circumstances,eventually cats and humans just cant resist each other!
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I was thinking about this & around 3 Isaac & Maggie calmed down noticably. Levi was calm by 1 - 2. Jordan well he was over 4, then he became a real love bug. It must take them a while to develop their personality completely.
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I know what you mean! Fiona sounds a lot like Blossom. I'll never forget this year when she decided to sleep on my lap for the very first time! She won't even sleep NEAR me let alone on my lap. It was the nicest feeling.

btw: Blossom is the cutest thing!
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