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Sadly we had to have my mother's cat pts on Saturday. She had been failing for a while & was starting to lose control of her back legs. She would have been 18 y/o in Nov. My mother is very upset by having to let her go, but it was the kindest thing to do for Coco.RIP Coco.
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RIP Coco.
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Prayers for your mother and the rest of your family - may you soon remember Coco with smiles and not only with tears.
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I´m so sorry for Coco should to depart...
RIP to her...
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PIP dear Coco, you were loved deeply!
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I'm sorry to hear about Coco. RIP, sweetie. My condolences to your mother.
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I'm so sorry. She had a nice long life. Rest in Peace CoCo.
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Aww bless her heart

Have a wonderful time at the bridge Coco

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Thank you all for you kind wishes.
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