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Kissy kitties

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I am sitting here getting my arm licked by Tillie as I type. She is a very kissy kitty! Romeo, Coal and Sasha also are like that; Pan and Jules less so. The others almost never give kisses.

Does anyone else have a cat that like to give kisses?
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Rowdy drives Bill crazy, by licking him. She is Daddy's girl.

He brought her home, from the shelter and spent more time with her, than I did. They wrestle and roughhouse. I think that's Rowdy is such a holy terror. Bill orneried up Rowdy.
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Ophelia will give kisses a little bit by licking hubby's nose or eyes or lips. Trent is my kissy kitty. He gives me kisses all the time by putting his little lips up to mine and holding it there. He will even stretch up on a door frame in the bathroom in the morning and lift his little head up to get kisses. He's a real sweetie.
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Loonie & Elmo(Loonie's son) just love giving kisses by putting their "lips" on mine and Sophie loves touching noses
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Now it is my knee that is getting cleaned. I swear, I took a shower this morning, I don't need her to bathe me!

Tillie also has the softest kiss of any cat I've encountered, no raspy tongue! Just soft little kisses!
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Every night when we all go to bed Oscar has to get between my hubby and myself to give me night nite sugar. He will lay in the crook of my arm and lick my face or neck and then purr for what seems like hours.

Sammycat likes to give me a "good morning" kiss mainly because he is hungry and wants his breakfast They don't give hubby sugar like they do me, so it makes me feel really special to them
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moemoe gives love bites neo just jams his nose into my face
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Our Junior will give kisses, although we think he hasn't outgrown nursing yet. Whenever he is tired, or when we get home after not seeing him all day, or right when we are laying down to go to sleep he will give "kisses" all he is really doing is nursing on our top lip. I'll try to get some pictures of him doing it to show everyone what I mean. Junior also loves it when I get home from work, he likes to lick all the dried sweat of my arms, face and forhead. He likes to make sure we keep clean.
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Well, I've a kitty who loves kisses and the other one, who pates it! But the most funny thing is that I love to kiss the second one
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Niko gives kisses, and also demands kisses back. She'll jump on top of my lap and push her face in my face. When she was a kitten we used to give her kisses all the time on the top of her nose and she never outgrew it. She still jumps on my lap asking for nose kisses.

Isis is also a kissy kitten. She feels the need to lick our toes and fingers and hands and face if we let her.
She's really cute about it.
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