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Daily Thread TGIF August 14th

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Hey peeps!

Not alot of time today to post this...It's going to be another hot and sunny one though

Going to a friends birthday bbq tonight, so that will be fun!

Moving for good tomorrow, can't wait to bring Trout over there...cats are always so weirded out in new places..lol

Alrighty, have a good one guys!
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Sis and i are going to meet some ancestors on my Dads side when i finish work at 2.p.m.

Then home, bath, something nice to eat and drink, a phone call to a couple of the girlies, then get ready for some retail therapy tomorrow because i missed it last weekend
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Morning All!!

Looks like it's going to be another scorcher here today.

Not a whole lot planned for today, have a couple things I want to do outside this morning before it gets to hot.

The kitties are having a great time watching birds this morning.

Everyone have a great day
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Good morning!

Another warm one here as well. I'm off to work in a bit for another routine day. It's not been a terribly exciting week.

Cotton is being inhale-a-cat this morning. He devoured his breakfast and half of hers...so at least he seems to be getting bck to normal.

Have a good day everyone.
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Mornin Cat Peeps

Another warm summer's day here today. Little bit of a humidex but nothing major and its still going to drop nicely overnight This is some nice summer weather.

Got some tidying up to do around here before DH gets home tonight I have to say, me and my 9yr old did a pretty good job at keeping things tidy.. There's just a small load of dishes and the floor needs vaccuming.

Hopefully things go well today, and I get everything done that needs doing, cuz I really want to go to the beach this weekend, but we have alot of stuff that needs to be done.

Have a wonderful day everyone.
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