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Salt in food

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QT is now confined due to an infection and there's something wrong with her liver. The vet told me it may be due to too much salt in her diet. About a year ago I started cooking their food (no salt) and switched to no grain dry food. However, they are also given Natural Balance canned food (which has salt). Anyway, does anyone have experience or heard of salt being toxic to cats? QT is the only one affected. The others (ages ranging 15 to 3 years old) are okay.
Thank you.
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Never heard of salt being a problem. The AAFCO doesn't list a maximum amount of sodium or chloride in their cat nutrient profile. Here is a little reading http://www.peteducation.com/article....1+1400&aid=685 These guys usually have some good info.
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It would depend on what kind of infection and what's wrong with the liver, but generally, I do know that a home-cooked diet is already low in sodium. Although high sodium content is not good, they do require *some* sodium in their diets.

If the vet is sure the infection stems from a high sodium diet, would you be able to switch her to 100% home-cooked, even if for a while to see if she gets better?
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The daily recommended sodium intake is 680mg (per kg dry matter food) as per the NRC's nutrient requirements for Cats (2007).

I am not a vet, but I would think that if her problem was too much salt (which can be found in water as well as food) that she'd be having kidney issues over liver issues.

I would be asking for a 2nd opinion.

Just my 2 pennies
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Thank you for your great replies
QT's kidneys are fine, that is why I was dubious about the salt thing. Anyway, she is now much better and will go home tomorrow.
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salt can affect the liver... SOME is needed as cats are mammals and nearly EVERY cellular process needs the aid of salt to be done... HOMEMADE diets can be easily modified for low salt I have access to a few , overall NO they are not automatically low sodium... What test came back with liver issues??
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