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Do my cats need separate grooming tools?

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Bailey loves to be groomed. So I have no problem with her, she has semi long, fairly fine fur, and I keep her pretty neat.

Sam used to barely tolerate grooming and now hates it. I have a zoom groom and a slicker brush. He has a long, dense double coat, and so is suffering from the heat and hair balls. And its a constant battle to get him brushed. And I have tried all of the "tricks" suggested here.

I wondered if he may be bothered by me using the same brushes as I use on Bailey. He is still alpha cat (for now, at least) and I wondered if he was partially objecting to having bailey's scent brushed on him.

If it would help at all, I would buy a whole separate set of brushes. As it is, he hid the first zoom groom, somewhere really good, I have looked for a week. It is probably with the 20 spongey balls that are also missing.

on edit: I decided to try with a new brush. I may have imagined it, but the brand new clean zoom groom fresh from the pet store seemed better. Sam is very wary now, when I am brushing bailey, he knows to give us a wide berth, but I managed to give him a good going over with the new brush. I also let him see it, and play with it a bit first. And gobs and gobs of hair came out! Poor boy, the hot weather is so bad for him! Its a good thing I was able to get to him. And all the time I am brushing him I tell him, this is so good for you, it will make you feel so much better.....I don't think he believes me.
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Hi there!

i keep my kitties' grooming tools all in a basket.

Isys has a curry brush. Venus has a greyhound comb, a regular brush (for poof) and a slicker brush. Daisy has a slicker brush.

Also in their grooming basket is a conditioner, Crabtree and Evelynn NON-talc powder (cornstarh and oats) -- i dust them after their baths with this, three different types of nail clippers, a small box of q-tips and round cotton pads, and mini individual wash cloths.

i have a small basin and a kitty bath-tub for cleaning/bathing purposes.

Smiles and Cheers!
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my goodness! I still take the cats to the vet to have their nails clipped. I use the zoom groom and slicker on each of them, and they have to look after the rest themselves.

I am very lucky though. Sam has very long dense fur, but it does not tangle at all. And Bailey has long hair too, but it is very fine and soft, so the slicker and zoom groom do all she needs.

I don't have to clean their ears, they do each others for me.
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