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We are officially growing kittens in our flowerbed....

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So today we had a lovely surprise at work. One of our clinic cats kept staring out the front window down into the flowerbed screaming and mewing and carrying on. I just figured he saw a bug or a bird. After about half an hour of this I go outside to get whatever it is away and low and behold it's a kitten! A KITTEN! Somebody actually stuck a 5 day old kitten (approximately, eyes closed, umbilical cord still attached) in our flowerbed. I hadn't seen anybody wandering out front or walk up and walk away so little guy had probably been there since before we opened. He'd probably been out there for over an hour. I'm glad Simon was persistent in telling us!

Anyway, we're fostering a momma cat who just had a litter of five on July 31 so we crossed our fingers and put him in there with Papaya and her little ones. She immediately started grooming him! She lets him nurse, bathes him, no problem.

However! We usually just leave her cage door open so she can get out and stretch her legs whenever she wants and I noticed she had made a trip out for about 5 minutes. Not unusual. She usually cruises around the clinic, lays about for a bit, then comes back to her kids. But a bit later I heard a very tiny mewing in another room. She had taken the kitten and put him in a cabinet! So I brought him back to her and again she starts grooming him.

Is this mixed behavior common? Any experiences I've had the momma will either take them or she won't and it's very obvious which. He is at least a week younger than hers so I'm worried about him as is having to fight for milk. We have several clients that foster tiny ones so if it doesn't work out with Papaya their is a plan B. Just wondering if anybody had seen this on again off again type of behavior.
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I don't have an answer for you, but thank goodness for Simon, he probably saved that little baby's life!
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how many kittens are in her litter? I have seen cats who keep mix litters (own and fosters) keep them in different places.

it could also be that there is something congenitally wrong with the kitten and she's abandoning him. :-(
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I noticed with Twiggy that she had three kittens and only three of her nipples produced milk (are they breasts in a cat? I am not sure really). But could it be that she only is producing enough milk for her 5 and therefore, does not want to feed the other one?

I am probably way off, but it was just a thought because I read that kittens go back to the same nipple everytime so that kitten may not be fed because the other kittens take over and the mother takes it as the new one is weak and therefore, should be abandoned.
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