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Wellness Treats: have you tried em?

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I had a coupon for Wellness treats last month, and bought a bag.

Kizzy wouldn't touch em at all.
Kitchi eats em, and NN will eventually eat em.

Has anyone else tried them? If so, did your cat like them or no?
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Neither Swanie nor Cindy would eat them. It's gotta be bad if Swanie (hey! food! I'll eat it!) refuses it.
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These Wellness Treats are one of only two I regularly offer my cats; all five like them. (The other being Whole Life's Freeze-dried 100% meat treats.)
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One of my cats likes them, the other one turns her nose up at them.
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My cat wouldnt eat them
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All 4 of my guys like the Wellness treats, but it's not the same level of excitement I see with the Greenies treats. When I open a bag of Greenies, they will all come running, whereas with the Wellness treats, only 2 of the 4 will come.
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My almost one year old will let them sit there and eventually will eat some
not super crazy about them
I wouldnt buy them

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My three didn't go crazy over them either... my boys will try anything once, but my girl wouldn't even touch them. None of my crew is impressed with those, but that being said, they've been picky about treats for several months now, no matter what I offer.
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Cams won't touch them. The outside kitties eat anything.
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I had left the bag in a spot where the kitties could get it, and found it on the floor ripped open... Treats all over the place, and they didn't seem to eat many.

Another one bites the dust..... This one was a flop and not one I'd buy again, coupon or no coupon...does me no good if the kitties don't like it.
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I got mine from pet food direct free with a shipment of food
simply put they suck
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Originally Posted by stephanietx View Post
One of my cats likes them, the other one turns her nose up at them.
Same in my house. Greenies are much more popular. Most popular, however, is just a few Hills T/D (tooth diet) kibbles each day. The vet wanted them to have a few each day for tooth & gum health, but they are the best treats ever -- they come running and yelling when I ask if they want their "toothbrush treats"
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I've given the Wellness treats to my cats but they don't like them. Apparently, my dog does as I found an empty bag today on the floor. I don't give them any treats but I do give them a few of the T/D kibbles once or twice a week with a meal...I tell them it's McDonalds time since I think any of the Hills foods are junk. But even my Schweppie will stop eating his wet food to eat his McD's!
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Dang - my vet gave me a sample of the T/D food to use as treats for mine for dental reasons - and even my 'I love anything' boy just wouldn't go for them. And I really wanted them to like it!

I had the Wellness treats - big dud in my house. Greenies really popular...and, for some reason, the new Iams dry food is welcomed as a treat - Iams was passing out samples near my train station.
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