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Cat Trees: Where to buy?

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I have a couple "cat trees", both were from walmart..... I'd like to get something "more".

Would ya'll mind posting your cat trees and where you bought them? I know some people buy online, but I have yet to find a Canadian supplier.

These are the two cheapies I have:


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Do you have a Petsmart or Petco up there? They are decent trees - we got ours at Petco on sale for about $80 (its only 4 feet tall).

DH is building another taller one soon. But you can also try the Amarkat ones - order from their website. They have very good ones at decent prices.

I will probably pick out some of the styles for DH to put on our tree house.
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Chris, these people probably don't ship to Canada - I can't find it on the site. But these are amazing cat trees!
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I bought one from here years ago and it's very sturdy and the cats like it:
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Hey! I have the same pet bed that you have!
I bought mine from Armarkat and it looks like they have international sites.

I bought this one

I was in a pet shop today and there was a little five foot tree for $272 so the Armarkat prices seem pretty darn good to me.
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My cats and I like Armarkat trees. They're a great price, large, sturdy and easy to put together.

This is my living room. The tree to the far right and the first one to the left of the TV are both Armarkats. I've had the left-hand one for over three years and the sisal rope on the front leg is only just now, after daily use by multiple cats, beginning to come unraveled.

Here's a common sight right after dinner. By far, this tree gets the most action.
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WOW.... I like the Armarkat trees Shipping to Canada isn't too bad either... hmmmmmmmmm
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Pics after purchase!!!
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Originally Posted by Auntie Crazy View Post
Pics after purchase!!!
But of course

I'm going to check out petsmart next time I'm in the city, check their pricing and compare them to the armarkat trees. It's roughly $50USD on top of tree price to ship here.... which isn't too bad if the tree itself is cheaper.
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Ours is Armarkat we bought on ebay. We love it, and it was pretty inexpensive. The cats love it! Namine spends all her time up on the highest perch. She also used the blue hut thingy for awhile. They are both too afraid of the hammock.

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I've ordered from Drs Foster & Smith, and I'm very satisfied with the quality and prices. If you go to their customer service page, it tells you how to contact them for an international shipping rate quote.
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I saw some really cool ones at one of our local cat shows. They looks like trees with brown carpet as the trunk & branches and green carpet as the leaves. I don't know who made them.
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