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No insult to anyone, but when I hear about someone who wants a breast enlargement, I want to say "Hey, take mine. I'd really like to be smaller than a 40 DD."

I've known many more women who want to get a breast reduction than want to get a breast enlargement. Big boobs hurt, your shoulders and back are always sore, and it's really expensive to find bras and shirts that fit correctly. I spend at least $25-30 per bra, unless I can find a good sale. You can't play pool because your boobs get in the way, and any spills you may have during eating end up on the front of your shirt because you have a big shelf on your front.

Although I wouldn't change what I have (it's definately come down through my Mom's family, and in that way I can't change it), I'd really like to be able to wear a tank top without a bra and not spend a good part of my monthly budget on bras.
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my sister had her 48d cut off to a 36b and loved it! She always had back pain before.
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Christy, I know exactly how you feel! I've always been rather busty, but when I was in college I gained 60 pounds my Freshman year (too much booze and greasey foods!). I swear I gained it all in my boobs! I was a 36C in High School and I am now a 38D. Now, I am completely limited to what I can wear. My back hurts all the time and have deep grooves in my shoulders from where my bra rides. I'd love to be able to wear tank tops with out a bra, but it's just obsene! Plus, a uni-boob isn't attractive in the least!

I have a few acquaintances that have had breast reduction. They are very happy with the results, but unfortunately a couple women have gained weight and they gained the boobs back too. All that pain for nothing! If I'd ever win the lotto, I'd have a breast lift at least. I don't think I'd go through all that pain for a reduction though. It would just be nice to have perky ones instead of flobby ones! Sorry, I'm sure that's more info than anyone wanted to ever about me!
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shell my sister said the pain was worth it,and it was'nt that bad.She is so much happier.and if your Dr.thinks it is needed most inc.will then cover it.her;s did.
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Sherral, I just reread your post about your sis's size. Wow! They whacked off that much?! Yowzers!

I figure that since it isn't a life threatening thing, I'll just leave em' the way they are. Once it becomes a major deal, then I'll have something done about it. I'm such a pansey when it comes to pain! Don't know how I'll ever manage child birth!
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LOL Just make sure when you do have kids ask for the shot in the back I heard it really works!
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I would get all the hair from my neck down removed with laser treatments, and maybe a breast lift-I am only a 36B but I refuse to wear a bra other than for special occasions.
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Originally posted by Shell
Does it look natural (the eyeliner)? It sounds like it would hurt so bad and I'd be afraid that it would look like I had it tattooed on there unstead of the actual makeup. Just curious...I don't know anyone who's had that done, so I'm interested in what it is like.
It looks very natural, but I was carefull and told the girl who did it that I wanted a fine line.
And it looks a lot better than when I had to apply it myself, because I am not a very patient person and I usually ended up with eyeliner all over my face except under my eyes

As for the pain, it was unpleasant, but nowhere near unbearable.
Having my teeth cleaned by the dental hygienist is about the max of what I can take without crying (I am lousy with pain).
I considered the actual tattooing as about half as painful.
Besides, the pain is gone as soon as the tattooing stops.

What came after was a bit of a hassle, though.
I had to put grease (like vaseline) on the tattoos every 2 hours for 5 days and I couldn't wear my contact lenses.
Apart from that I had to stay out of the sun and was not allowed to use the solarium (sunbed?) for 2 weeks.

Another thing to take into consideration: the make-up is not as "permanent" as the name suggests. It lasts for about 1,5 to 2 years, and then you need to redo it
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My boobs are the one (two) things that have never bothered me. At 5'6", 150 lbs. and a large frame, my 38C is just right.

Mom is absolutely flat. Se used to say that I got her share. Actually, I take after both of my grandmothers, well-endowed ladies each.

I don't mind the laugh lines, around my eyes but I would like to have my chin firmed up a bit. Those exercises haven't done a bit of good.

The only other thing that I don't like is the hair at my temples but, as long as L'Oreal stays in business, its under control. I will DIE, as a blonde or a redhead!
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I've always been well endowed. So much so it is very very painful. I suffer from back ache constantly.

I'm 5'1" and a 36DD. I'd be very happy to be a 36C. I'm hoping that working out will reduce my size. We will see
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My nose.
A lot of people think i would get my boobs done...
But the thing is,
I really LOVE being flat chested. (i'm a 32A)
I don't think i could deal with breasts.... weird isn't it.
But i'd definetly get my nose done, and am in fact probably going to do it before the end of this year.

I've also been thinking about getting braces.
The dentists have all said that i have a slight overbite, and that i don't NEED to have it done. But i am so vain. So i am considering having that done too.
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I would! Nose job, lipo suction under the chin and permanent Eye liner (which isn't that expenisve).

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No insult to anyone, but when I hear about someone who wants a breast enlargement, I want to say "Hey, take mine. I'd really like to be smaller than a 40 DD."
I am the same - I have a large bust as well and I suffer from back pain. I am a 36 DD as well. I hate it.

I always wondered how much it would cost to reduce them and have them lifted? I need mine lifted!
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Originally posted by Kiwideus
I always wondered how much it would cost to reduce them and have them lifted? I need mine lifted!
I don't know, but often times insurance will pay for reductions (my sis in law is getting one, the just have to wait for the insurance to pick up). It's considered a health issue (back pain) rather than cosmetic.
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