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Cosmetic Surgery

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Ok ladies...(you too, gents), would you and if so, what?

A little more or less in some key area?
Too much hair or not enough?
Permanent makeup?

The sky's the limit, and money is NOT an object in this thread.
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Bigger boobs.

But I would never do it for real
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I have a line between my eyes that collagen injections would fix.

My hips would benefit from liposuction. They aren't large but I have a little "pooch" on each one. The lipo would be to smooth out the hipline.

A bit of a chin tuck wouldn't hurt.

The rest of me is fine. As long as my boobs aren't bouncing against my knees, I'll leave them alone and my butt is fine, the way it is.
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If I won the lottery, I would go all out. Tummy tuck, liposuction, boob lift, wrinkle removal, permanent eyeliner. Oh, and laser eye surgery, too, so I didn't need contacts anymore. Veneers on the teeth, too.
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My ex-husband's medical insurance pays for cosmetic surgery. The only time that I utilized that clause was for LASIK. I'm only 45 and I'm going to wait, before I have any work done. No sense doing it now, when I look pretty good and have to do it again in ten years.

Numbnuts and the cyberslut should make use of that clause. His chest has slipped to somewhere around his crotch and she has three chins and NO boobs.
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Wow, if my insurance covered it, I would be a NEW WOMAN! Mine doesn't cover any of it.
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I think I'd go all out if money wasn't a problem or the PAIN! I'm such a pansy when it comes to pain and cosmetic surgery is major pain.

But if I could handle it, I would have these done.
Boob lift
lipo on my tummy, butt, thighs, my arms (I'm starting to get those flappy wing things!) and my chin.
Lasik for my eyes
Laser hair removal (God, that would be the first thing I had done! No more shaving my legs, underarms, bikini line or even plucking my eye brows...and taking care of my woman mustache!)
Veneers on my teeth
And I do what ever it took to take away my stretch marks!

Damn...that's a lot of pain! OUCH!!
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Bigger boobs for sure...laser hair removal, and I'll have to think about the rest.
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! boob.s uplifted!! Lipo.on my tummy then tucked! Rest is ok.
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I would replace from the neck down.

Seriously though I would have a tummy and fanny tuck. The lines on my face fixed and have some eyebrows tattooed to make mine thicker so I wouldn't have to color them in every single day.
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Actually, not much. I'd have my teeth bleached and that's about it (I smoke and drink coffee and soda, so my teeth are yellow). I've fought a long battle with my weight and my views of how I look, and I've won. Right now, I'm very happy with what I see and what I am. I actually like my facial lines-to me they say I've smiled and laughed a lot. I have many scars on my face from chicken pox, but they've been there since I was 7 and they've become a part of what I see every day. As for being overweight-I've been lucky to be involved with several men who have seen me for who I am and not how much I weigh.
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I'd lift. No augmentation, just turn back the clock a few years. I'd also have surgery done on my varicose veins. I have had them since I was 19.

My nail tech had the permanent eye liner thing done a few weeks ago. She said it was pretty painful. AND, she is not all that happy with it.

I did have LASIK almost 3 years ago. Best money I have ever spent on myself. And it's a lot cheaper now!
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I don't think I'd want permanent eye liner or brow liner. I'm afraid that it would look funky and I'd hate it. Plus, there no getting rid of it once it there!
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I'd go for bigger boobs anyday! That's about it for now, but ask me again in 30 years and I might have a different answer. . .
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I like me just the way I am! Too big a risk to have any surgery done let alone cosmetic! Yikes I've seen some of the botched jobs done and it made me realize I'm OK just like this!
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I might do the Carnie Wilson thing and shrink my stomach, but that is pretty drastic - maybe I should just exercise more.
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I work with a girl, who wants the gastric resection. She is about 5'5" and is a size 11. She is, also an idiot. That surgery is for people who are morbidly obese (100+ lbs. overweight).

One of the guys at work is po'd because his insurance won't pay for it. I've seen this guy eat - he doesn't need surgery, he needs to have his jaws wired shut. He is 23 and weighs over 400 lbs. On top of this, he wants special accomodations made, so that he doesn't have to walk very far (its a BIG building).

Now that someone has mentioned the laser hair removal, I'd like that, too. I'm geting tired of tweezers and depilatories.
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Both my sisters had boob lifts...they were extremely small too,,,I was the lucky one that probably needs hers decreased Their husbands paid for it, and I guess I don't see any reasons not to if that is what you want but I do know that the "fake" ones are completely obvious and noticeably fake..that is just my honest opinion though....sometimes I wish I could just loan mine to someone who needs some..
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<----marking laser hair removal on list......
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Nothing at all. Okay, so I'm 22, but this will be my answer till my death. The whole aim for perfection in everything in everday life is killing variety.

Sure, I can understand when the skills of a plastic surgeon is used to reconstruct a face because of a gunshot wound, or because of scarring from being burnt or because of some other horrific incident. But I can't support something that promotes itself to be the fixer of body issues. I talk to too many teens and adults who see cosmetic surgery as an answer rather than learning to accept their bodies for what they are and seeing the beauty in them.

Endeth rant.
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I feel that, if it makes you feel good and you can afford it - go for it! Getting rid of my glasses did wonders for my self-esteem. As a 43-year-old deserted wife, I needed a lift and the LASIK and a new haircut helped.
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I think my boobs are fine, though I have been thinkin' 'bout Botox...
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LOL, Ken. WE think that your boobs are fine, too.

Seriously, though a lot of men are going for eye-lifts and Botox. Of course, the biggie for most men is lipo for their love handles. I rather LIKE Bill's love handles, though. Makes him cuddly.
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Cuddly....that's how most men want to be described...right, Ken?
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I would get porcelin venirs-sp? on my front teeth. They are not crooked but they are small and kinda lean into my mouth some.

Then I would have my eyelids lifted, they sag a little.

Then I would get botox injections.

That's it though. I would not like the pain of major face lifts or tummy tucks
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I have permanent eye-liner.
Did it a year ago and the only regret I have, is that I didn't do it sooner.

I just hate putting on make-up, but at 41 I really can't go to the office without
Besides, I have this habit of rubbing my eyes when I am trying to concentrate on something.
With normal eyeliner, the stuff would end up all over my face .
NOT a pretty sight.
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Does it look natural (the eyeliner)? It sounds like it would hurt so bad and I'd be afraid that it would look like I had it tattooed on there unstead of the actual makeup. Just curious...I don't know anyone who's had that done, so I'm interested in what it is like.
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Breast reduction, and brow lift.

If I had that much money, I'd just hire a nutrionist, chef, and personal trainer and lose weight the hard way. =D Liposuction is too dangerous and scary for me to brave it out.
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my list is LONG, but then I am a perfectionist and I probably won't ever get anything done.. (i'm one of those people who rewrites christmas cards 5 times because something sounded stupid..)

nose job, chin implant, collagen for lips, little lypo under chin, small breast implants, butt and thigh lipo... and that's it
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This is an interesting thread. Both my sister, and my sister in law are having cosmetic surgery done in the near future. I don't think I could ever do it, I like what god gave me.

But having read all of these threads, I wouldn't mind changing a few minor things. I really would love to have Lasik Surgery done , I hate wearing contacts! UGH. And I think I'd benefit from a tummy tuck.......mine is loose from having babies!
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