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Oh, my!!!

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Look at the fuzzy kitty we have at our shelter. He's new; I haven't met him yet, just saw his Petfinder page!

Jasper, Petfinder ID 14404576
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He's handsome. Hopefully it gets him a new home soon.
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Oh, WOW!!!


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What a cutie! He kinda favors my little Fluffy.
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Good lookin' dude, there! Hope he gets a home soon!!
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That beautiful boy shouldn't have any problems finding a new family!
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I was just at the shelter, making sure I knew what cats are available for our grand opening tomorrow, and he's not in there, so I suspect he's already been adopted.
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He was too gorgeous not to be!
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What a handsome fella.
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He looks like a owl from the neck down! What a cutie!
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So I met Jasper today. He and two female cats were surrendered to the shelter because their owner has breast cancer, had to give up her home and move in with her mother, who is very allergic to cats.

Jasper is not a Maine Coon. He is some sort of a Persian outcross. Part his fur, and all you see is a thick white undercoat.

Jasper is sweet and friendly. He's puzzled as to why he's no longer in the house he knew since he was a kitten over 2 years ago. He is also neutered and front declawed.

I showed him to a couple of people today, but no dice.
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Oh no! Oh Mike, I get so upset when people give up cats due to allergies. I realize it wasn't the owners allergies... but zyrtec now has a generic and it is not expensive! But WHAT a sad story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Poor baby wasn't adopted - and no takers today! We need someone to want three older, beautiful, well-behaved kitties so they can all go together.
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He's out front, and I have no doubt someone will take him soon. One of his co-dwellers is a pet junky; all she wants to do is be petted. But she's pretty strong, and she freaks out if you try to pick her up to move her out to the front. His other co-dweller is kind of shy and looks to be having a herpes flare-up, with a runny eye, due to stress.
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Awww, I hope he is adopted to a good home soon!

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