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Food Advice/Experiences Please

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I have been feeding my two cats a combination of Evo dry and Friskies wet food for some time. The Friskies was to give them some wet food on a tight budget. However, now I'd like to switch to a slighter better wet food, and I'm looking for some advice on what brand to use.

I'm considering Authority (Petsmart brand) and Brandon Farms (I found this today at Kroger). Both have what I'm looking for as far as ingredients - high meat content, little or no vegetation of any kind, no by-products or artificial colors.

Brandon Farms is the more expensive of the two, but is grain-free, and at a store where we shop often. Authority is about 2/3 the price, but has some rice in it, and would require going out of our way to shop at Petsmart (we normally don't).

So, my question - does anyone use either brand who can tell me their experiences with it? Also, can anyone suggest a similar brand in the same price range (less than $1/can)? It would have to be one I can get locally as shipping adds too much to the price.
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I'd suggest getting a couple of cans of each and seeing what the cats will eat. My cats didn't care for the Brandon Farms foods. They'd eat them for a meal or two and then only nibble at them. For a long time I fed Natural Balance--I was able to get it for about 99 cents per can at my local independent pet store--in part because I could rotate the flavors. You might also see if you can find other foods in the bigger (13 ounce) cans, as they tend to be cheaper per ounces. I know Innova is sold that way in some stores. Another option is Trader Joe's if you have one near you. I fed that for a while as well until I realized one of my cats was sensitive to fish if I fed it too often. The Trader Joe's food tends to be about 70 cents per can, or less.
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