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Just wondering

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I know we have a WHAT'S FOR SUPPER thread, but how about a what's for lunch thread? I fixed hot dogs for Mom and me with Videlia Onion mustard, Saurkrout, sweet pickles and for me, Cheese Sauce. What's everyone else having?
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I had boring crispbreads with spready cheese and a yoghurt. I thought they were going to crack my teeth because they were so hard and crunchy so i'm not having those again
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We had leftovers from supper.

DD had a beef stew, I had chicken/vegs/pasta with a primivera sauce.

ETA: is it possible for someone to edit the title to What's for lunch? I'd love to see ongoing ideas for light meals, but with this title, I dunno how many people will actually look and read it.
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pepperoni sandwich and cold leftover coffee from brekkie........talk about boring
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Leftovers from last night - goulash with csipetke. I love stews, but goulash is probably my favorite. Probably because I love the taste of paprika.
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Now you're making me hungry. I hadn't even thought about lunch yet. Guess I need to get away from the computer and go make a salad. I'll probably add either a couple of cheese sticks or some tuna to it. The cheese sticks would be better, at least I'd get to eat more of them. The girls think an open tuna can is an invitation to share.
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