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WOW...I have BC/BS too...I will have to look into that! Next year I get 3 weeks vacation, I would happily give it all up as sick time...
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Kim, healing vibes are on the way, good luck and have a good recovery!!
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I am sending you all the positive vibes I can for a speedy recovery. I'll try hard not to make you laugh in the next 2 weeks so it won't be too painful. I'll miss you around here until you're back and causing havoc again.


You may be in charge of keeping us entertained single-handedly..... Fortunately, we are easily amused.
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Hey Kim!
Im just reading this thread... Good luck with the operation, and I am sending "get well" vibes and (((hugs))) from here!!!
Get well soon, and don't forget to keep us posted!
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OMG< I had no idea she was having surgery!!! Kim, we will all be thinking of you and know that you will be just fine! Prayers going your way!!!!
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Positive and healing thoughts coming your way. I am sure everything will be fine. We'll miss you so hurry and get well soon!
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Sending positive vibes that things go well and you have a speedy recovery.
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Sending positive healing vibes from this side of the ocean! Hope all goes well and recovery is smooth and quick!
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I was wondering last week when you were going to have this operation....now I know!

I'm sending total positive thoughts toward a successful operation and a speedy recovery chikk!

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Kim, How did it go? Also how that wonderful Liquid Lax? Hope it went smoothly for you and you're off to a speedy recovery!
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Kim hope everything went well today!! I was thinking of you!

Here's hoping the next two weeks fly by and you recover quickly and easily!
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LOL! Shell....I have been drinking liquids all day long and liquid lax was on the list. Needless to say, I have been in the "library".... My surgery is 8 hours away...

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Oh my bad! I assumed that you were having it done is afternoon!

I'm assuming you've read lots of educational articles while you spent your time in the "Library"!
Good luck Hon!
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OMG! I just now noticed that pic! That is freaking hilarious! I need one of those for the cats! Maybe it would cut back on the Diggleberries!?!
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:girly2: :girly1:
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Kim - I just read this! I hope that everything went smoothly and that you are feeling well!
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I just spoke with her, she is doing fine. She is sore, but has been out of bed and walking. She will be home tomorrow and she said to tell all of you hello and that she misses your insanity!

I had to laugh, she is on two weeks of bedrest when she gets home and she says part of her recuperation process will include daily visits to TCS!

The doctor said she did splendidly. Her first meal, she thought the cup of broth was actually coffee, so she dumped sweet n low in it! hee hee- She said the doctor's main concern was vomiting, and if after taking a swallow of that concoction and she didn't heave, she knew she was in the clear!

Hey Kim when you read this, just tell the doctor it was the demerol shot that did your brain cells in! LOL
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Yay Kim!

I'm so glad everything went smoothly (except the broth experience)!

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So glad to hear the surgery went well!! Take it easy and get the rest you need..we will be here when you return!! (((HUGS))))
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Oh, I'm so happy that everything went good for you! Hope you're feeling better soon and can't wait to see ya posting on here!
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Great news! Hope to "see" you back here soon!
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Congrats, Kim! Hope all goes smoothly, and that you're back here soon!
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YAY! I'm so glad everything went well for you Kim!

I haven't even had surgery and I think I would hork on that broth concoction!
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I am so glad your surgery went well for you. Here's to a speedy recovery.

I miss your insanity, and it's only been a day.

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Kim, I'm glad the surgery went well. Hopefully you'll have a fast recovery.
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Kim, glad everything went well. Here's to being back to normal soon.
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Glad it went well!
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i wish you speedy recovery, Kim!

Smiles and Cheers!
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Just talked to Kim, and she is not doing very well today. She is running a fever, and is really not feeling up to par...or up to Kim..I will spare you the details, but if everyone who reads this would just bow their head real quick and send a positive thought to Kim in Florida, I know it would help her. Part of her problem is the pain medication they gave her Loratab in liquid form the stuff tastes like pure evil!

Kim I am pulling for you here- hope your fever breaks soon my friend. Prayers and positive thoughts are flying first class all the way to your front door!

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Oh no! I was hoping for good news when I saw this.

Kim here's many good thoughts to you to get through this and feel better soon!
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