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My Shadow !!

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I was just wondering if anyone else has this problem ? Once or twice a week Daisy will not leave me alone ! Whatever i am doing she is there ! If im doing the housework !! she has to come and watch,if im cleaning the kitchen she has to sit on the work top ( Which she isn't really allowed, she has her own little place to sit ) and see what im doing, if im washing up she sits on the draining board and looks in the sink and watches me wash up !! She follows me EVERYWHERE!! When im cleaning the bathroom she will either sit in the sink im trying to clean or the bath or sits on top of the toilet !! Everywhere i turn shes there!! I dont really mind, but shes like my shadow!! Maybe i'll make her some fluffy slippers so she can clean too She should know by now how to clean! Then she could become " Mommy's little helper" !!:lol3
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Whenever I am doing housework Ginger must be at my side "helping" me. Except for vacuuming, then she runs and hides.
She took quite a liking to my dad when I stayed at my folks place for a while, she followed him around meowing at him, frustrated (he is hard of hearing and couldn't hear her pleas for attention, lol)
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The only time there are shadows in my house is when its time to eat. Every animal I have is a glutton and a mooch..I even have a stealer we have to watch our plates constantly cuz next thing you know youll turn away and a huge white paw will come up over the coffee table and swipe anything and everything off your plate...
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Both of my kittens will follow myself and my boyfriend around, even into the bathroom!
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Both of my girls are frequently worshiping at my feet! Callie routinely follows me everywhere, even to the bathroom. Hannah likes to be in the same room as me and will even meow for me if it's quiet and she can't find me. She is so excited to "find" me!! Yesterday I stepped on Hannah twice as I was getting my lunch ready for work because I didn't realize she had come into the kitchen and was right under my feet.
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Blossom particularly loves to help me change the sheets on the bed.
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