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Vomiting food

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Hello everyone,
I'm new here, and new to kitty ownership again after 9 years. Mulligan is 11 weeks old, and lately when I get up in the morning I find vomit on the floor, but it's food. He is on Wellness core dry food and wellness wet food. This morning though I found a few small areas of vomit, and it is only at night when we are sleeping. Other than that he is a crazy little kitty that loves to attack my daughters feet when she walks by, and acts completely normal. Could the Food be too rich for his little belly? He is a pound kitty, so I don't know what they fed him. Any help or advice will be much appreciated. Oh he also had his first check up and first set of shots this past Monday.

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One possibility is that he is eating too much too fast. I had that problem with Coco when I first got her. She would scarf up a bunch of dry food then vomit shortly afterwards. I finally noticed she vomited *only* after eating dry and not after eating wet. With her I think it was especially bad because she would eat a bunch of dry food then drink a lot of water. Her little tummy would swell up so it looked like she had swallowed a grapefruit!

Giving her dry in small amounts spaced out over time or feeding only wet cured her "problem". She eventually grew out of the habit of inhaling her food although she still eats fast.

Good luck!
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Thanks for the reply...

Mulligan Does in fact Scarf the dry food, in fact I don't even hear him "crunch it..LOL

I am seriously thinking of a mainly wet diet, more than likely stay on wellness or I was even looking into Newmans own for him...I just hope the little vomit balls stop...lol...

thanks again
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One of my cats is a chronic fast-eater. Thankfully, just yesterday I figured out that it's only one type of food that he inhales like that--the very round pellets of Purina Indoor formula, he doesn't even chew it, just swallows it whole. When I get something that is fish-shaped or X-shaped or something, he's forced to chew it and almost never throws up.
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Angelyco, which quality dry food is shaped like x or fish? One of my cats just swallows the round pallets whole as well without chewing. Thanks.
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Unfortunately I usually can't afford to feed 4+ cats with high-quality food. I usually feed them either Purina or Friskies. I believe Friskies is the one that has fish and X shapes. They LOVE the variety that has Carnation milk in it.
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