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Daily Question: Thurs. Aug. 13

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Yet another easy one.

Weather; HOT or COLD

No fall or spring, only HOT, sweaty summer weather, or COLD, snowy winter weather.....

Which would you prefer if you had to live in completely one or the other?

(hmmmm, do people like Arlyn who live in the desert get "winter"?)
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Oddly enough I love the winter, cold weather and snow. I find that it's much drier then the summer and I don't get the extra joint problems I get when the humidity is high or it rains...

I would love to live in a colder climate all year round.
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I would have to go with the cold. I have less allergy issues during the winter however a would hate it after a year.
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I, too, would also go for the cold.

Like Susan, I don't have near as many health issues once it gets to be winter time and the weather is relatively stable.

Although, I do desperately need the sun, so I couldn't handle if it was too cold to go outside.
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Winter definetly, this heat and humidity is stifling, even walking around is difficult. In the winter I can go outside and enjoy the nice cold air!!
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We do get 'winter' sort of.
Daytime temps around 60-70, nighttime temps normally 20-30, snow is rare

I love the heat (good thing huh?) as long as it's without humidity.

We don't really have normal seasons here.
Our seasons are:
Allergy -when the desert is alive and in bloom, lasts about 8 weeks
Wet -Monsoons come, everything floods, everything gets washed away, since everything died in the heat.
Furnace -Yup, hot, hot, hot, with winds that really do feel like a blast furnace
Comfortable -What most folks call winter, they call comfortable here.

The comfortable season brings in the snowbirds, the population during these months consists largely of Canadians.
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Originally Posted by Arlyn View Post
We do get 'winter' sort of.
Daytime temps around 60-70, nighttime temps normally 20-30, snow is rare
Have you ever seen snow? (I mean where you live, in your lifetime)

Thanks for the explaination....

Hmmm, so what months would be classed as Winter/Comfortable?
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hot here!...
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Winter. I get sick in the summer alot from the heat. I wouldn't relish snow all the time but cold weather suits me just fine!
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I would hate to live in either extreme all the time, but if I had to pick one it would be cold. At least you can bundle up against it, the heat, well, you can only take off so much and even then it really doesn't help. I also don't do well in very hot weather, it makes me dizzy and it also flares up my rosacea. Red and zitty is not the best look
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Originally Posted by Snake_Lady View Post
Which would you prefer if you had to live in completely one or the other?
I would go for the cold and snow simply because I have no experience with that type of weather and am always open to new adventures, which that would be for me.
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I'll be in the minority and say hot. I get seasonal affective disorder REALLY bad in the winter. I need sunshine and warmth. I'm not really affected by allergies or anything so that isn't an issue. I have arthritis and cold makes it much worse. I just need to be able to go outside and enjoy myself, which I can't very much in the winter. I've been begging my husband to move somewhere south, like Texas or Florida for years now for this very reason, to get away from "winter".
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I would rather live in the hot sweaty summer, because I have a pool
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I would rather it be hot. I can't stand being cold.
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Definitely COLD

I don't love winter, but I don't mind it. I like bundling up in my hat and scarf...and watching the snow while sipping cocoa with the kitty on my lap.

I can't stand heat and humidity.
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Definately cold.
I love winter, especially because my allergies drop down to almost nothing. I also love winter sports and despise humidity.
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I'm a Seattle native and I moved down here by way of Utah, so yeah, I've seen snow
My folks said there was snow down here about 3 years ago.

Winter weather here starts the same time as everywhere else on this side of the globe, around the end of October through late March
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I can't choose

I lived in Florida for 2 years after living in Ohio my whole life, and I HATE it here! No snow during Christmas? No fall leaves? It feels like I'm stuck in time because It's the same weather ALL THE TIME. And seasons fly by without me noticing, and holidays don't feel the same here.
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Well, I'm NO fan of winter, particularly cold, snowy ones, but at least you can always put more clothes on. There's a limit to how much you can take off. So, I guess if I have to have one or the other, it'll have to be cold. Hmmm...maybe I can find a way of coping with really hot, 'cuz I sure would miss the summer....
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