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Memory Lane: On August 19th, 2009

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Ginger will celebrate her 4th Gotcha Day. Which means my foray into crazy cat ladyhood started 4 years ago next week.

More importantly, it means that my special little babygirl is a big girl now, for real. Out of all five of them, she still weighs the least (Baby Bonnie is a butterball) and she definitely gets the respect she deserves as the oldest dominant female with THE most tortitude.

I'll never, ever forget the day she stuck her paw out of the cage bars at the shelter and grabbed my finger and wouldn't let go...from that moment, I was hers.

Happy upcoming Gotcha Day, my 4 year old furdaughter. I love you very much.

Her first night home, same size as her beanie baby kitty:

And almost exactly one year later, in 2006, my how she'd grown:

She was in the midst of kitten fuzzy uglies on August 19th, 2005:

but has since grown herself into the most beautiful, take-no-prisoners, act-like-a-kitten-when-she's-the-only-one-around, so very special to me cat:

PS - We still have the beanie-baby kitty, but she no longer plays with it. That makes me wistful for the early days.)
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That is Great.
I love her pictures.
Time sure goes by fast.
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Happy Gotcha Day Ginger!

Happy Catlady-versary!
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Ginger's pretty. I like her colors

Y'know, I had to laugh because Penny had the exact same beanie baby (my reaction when I saw it here was "No way!!!") for a long time. .. however, one day she dunked it in her water bowl and I couldn't figure out a way to dry it out so I had to toss it, but oh, how she usedto play with it when she was little. She would bearhug it and kick her back legs together to kick it for reasons unknown

(Penny is my older/smaller but "alpha" kitty)
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She is a beautiful tortie. Happy gotcha day Ginger!!
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Ginger's gorgeous! Wow, she's certainly grown up, hasn't she - she's so little in that first pic!
Happy Gotcha Day, Ginger!
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