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WORRIED! Foster boy not eating much, pooping

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I posted in the Cat SOS about an unplanned foster cat I took in named Casper. I have now had him a week. He is still terrified. Not adjusting at all.

He is eating and drinking very little. Usually only at night when the condo is quiet. I have noticed the last couple of days (at least) that while there is pee in the litter box, I have not seen poop. He was pooping when he first came in.

I did move him to an upstairs bathroom... to give him more space -- and he seemed to regress a little bit when I did that.

I am very worried about him. I think if there is no poo in the box tomorrow morning, a vet call is warranted. What do you guys think?

NOTE - that I have offered him stinky Meow Mix wet, kitten food, stage two human baby food -chicken and turkey, tuna fish, you name it. I did finger feed him a little bit tonight - forcefully. Then he did eat a little bit off of the plate. I KNOW he HAS to be hungry.

Vibes that the wet food is gone and the dry food nibbled and there is poo in the box tomorrow morning!
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Is it possible he has been living on his own outdoors, as in semi-feral? Some of the behaviors you are describing sound like my Tabitha - she only comes out from under the dresser at night, hides if I move too fast, etc.

Where is the litterbox located? Someplace he would perceive as "safe"? What about the food?
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Oh, he is not feral. He is just timid and terrified. He was an owned cat that was surrendered to that horrible animal control. He knows where the pan is and he had used it from the first night. He purrs his head off when I pet him... makes muffins and gives me his belly to rub.

He wouldn't feel safe no matter where he was in my home. He is in a bathroom. He has a hidey box. The food is right outside the hidey box.

Now I am going over there to see if he has pooped today. And eaten.
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Oh man....I wish I could offer more advice. But I'm out of suggestions.
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
Oh man....I wish I could offer more advice. But I'm out of suggestions.
Good news! He ate about half of the wet I set out for him and ate a few pieces of kibble. ( I know cuz I could see the bottom of the bowl). And he pooped... a hard and small one... a lot of hair in it. Let's hear it for Petromalt. I am sure that made a difference for the poor baby. I gave him another dose this morning. He seems to like the Meow Mix, baby food and tuna, in that order. That's what was gone from the plate. So I laid in some more Meow Mix supplies. Wish me luck that he continues to eat and poo. Now I need a rescue to sponsor him and help find him a home.
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Ah, went to look after the foster boys this evening and Casper had pooped on the rug in the bathroom.

I had given him a second dose of Petromalt(one yesterday and one today) and I wonder if he couldn't make it to the box in time. It was not good-looking poo (if there is such a thing). It was FULL of fur and kind of greyish. I bet his gut is full of fur, too.

Any advice -keep dosing him with Petromalt? I put out some Meow Mix chicken... and a blend of adult and kitten kibble. He seems to be a poultry boy.

He relaxed a little with me tonight. Purred and kneaded and laid on his side and let me rub and scritch his belly. I think if I can get him to trust and eating right and get him a really good brushing, it will go a long way.

I am also thinking maybe Feliway might help him relax.

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Originally Posted by AddieBee View Post
These guys are in my condo... and I dont reside there anymore.
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