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This is sad

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We have a problem with motorists throwing litter into the horse pastures. This morning I noticed a magazine flapping in the breeze, though the horses didn't seem to mind any. I went over to retrieve it and it was a porn magazine to the Nth degree. I took it over to the burn pile and noticed that the girls in the magazine were just that, girls! Not one looked over 12 years old! God, I couldn't burn it fast enough and as it went up in ashes I prayed for those little girls who somehow have gone so far astray. What a sad commentary on parts of our society where there are no boundaries anymore. I have to wonder about the parents too.
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You know, I was just thinking about that the other day. With the kid porn, it's the parents and the people who look at this! Getting me started on the kids these days is sometimes not a good idea. It is not even the kids. It's the parents and their lack of parenting. I live in a military neighborhood and the things I see make me sick and angry. I have to wonder what society is going to be like when they are in charge. It is a sad thing when I take my daughter places and people comment on how good she is....like they havnt seen a kid do what they are supposed to. You wouldnt beleive what my daughter comes home and tells me she hears at school. It's like parents are just letting their kids do whatever they want. I can't imagine where they are going to be in 5 to 10 years, no morals, no respect, no social skills. GRRRRRRRR....never mind steralizing cats..what about some people.
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it is really sad. I can't believe the way some people let their kids run around. not too long ago my boyfriend & I were at a restuarant and this couple kept letting thier 2 kids run around the table & climb on stuff, and one of the kids kept getting close to knocking into us. I kept waiting for thier parents to say something but they never did.

not to mention all the sick things out there like what hissy found.
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Family sitting at a long table. Mom, Dad, 6 girls of various ages, 3 small boys. One little girl (6 years old?) she is humming, loudly, and conversation is interrrupted. Mom says sharply "Stop that now!" Little girl keeps humming... gets louder. Finally, an exasperated mom says "STOP SINGING!" (Humming continues) "I SAID STOP SINGING!" Humming stops, little girl looks at mom (measuring her up) and says, "I'm not SINGING I'm HUMMING!" and humming resumes!

Now, if that had been me at that age, my mother would of snatched me bald-headed. Not only for not listening, but for being such a smart-ass! But this mom, just finished her dinner with her daughter humming right along.
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Kids are very disrespectful especillay here in Utah. I've known young children who actually swear and the parents don't say anything. Children are abused by parents and the government alike. When I was a child, everyone told me that an adult is to be respected. Now, children and teens don't do it. They talk badly about their principal, teachers, etc. I have gone to a child who swears and told him that is not what children say. He just says "you can't tell me what to
do" I knew a couple of girls who actually shout disobey their mother.
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Hissy - Another sad thing is that if the parents did reprimand that child with a spanking (which I think she deserved for sassing and disobeying), they could be reported for child abuse. I'm a parent of young children, and I know of many other parents who really worry about what others think of how we discipline our children in public. I think children know they can get away with alot more now days than in the past. It's very sad.

Today I had the kids (who are 4 and 2) at the city kiddie pool. This pool is geared for children 5 and under. Well, there were some older boys there (probably 9 or 10 years old) who were playing really rough and throwing a small rubber ball hard in the pool. I finally had to tell them to be careful around the young children and babies, because their parents never said anything. I mentioned this to my friend, and she pointed out that their parents weren't even there. I really hate to discipline other people's kids, but geez, there were BABIES in the pool!

Parental supervision and discipline seem to be at an all time low, and is sure is depressing to see what kids get away with these days.

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The one pet peeve I have are litterbugs!!! They think nothing of just tossing whatever crap out the car window. People used to laugh at the condition of the inside of my car. But I can say I don't litter. I hate it!!! I don't care what it is and it's even more disgusting that it's child porn. They should be ashamed of themselves!!!
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That is so sad, Hissy that someone would read that kind of crap, let alone throw it in your pasture!!! What jerks!!!
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A lot of times girls who LOOK like they are 12 are really 18 or older. Case in point, no one believes I am 24 let alone over 18...

Anyway kids these days are just bad! My mom works at ...pre-middle school I guess you'd call it (it's for 4th and 5th graders). She is always coming home stressed out. And the kids in our neighborhood are AWFUL! They play in our yard all the time, even with the parents outside and their parents say NOTHING until one of us goes outside. One night as my mom was getting out of her car the boy from next door fell into our yard from his scooter and he goes "You need to mow your yard" and my mom goes "What?" and he goes, "Do you ever mow your lawn?" and my mom said "We have a gardener come every week as a matter of fact" and the kid goes "Well can you ask him to level it out right here, it hurts when I fall" and my mom said "Why don't you go play in your own damn yard" These kids are always coming to the door asking for their balls. I am talking 5 times a day! On Easter last year my mom looked out the back patio door and there was the neighbor boy climbing into our back yard! My mom went out there and yelled (We have a pool, what if the kid got in and drowned?) and as she walked up, she sees the dad is lifting his kids over the fence!
Across the street this man bought a house and fixed it up really nice for his daughter, but apparently she didn't want the house since it's been sitting unoccupied for over a year. Anyway, the kids are ALWAYS hanging out in that yard, destroying the landscaping and once my stepdad caught them trying to break into the garage. I've seen kids wheeling down the street in their bikes then going up that driveway and banging into the grage door HARD! My mom finally went over and told the kids to get out of the yard or she was going to call the police. They haven't hung out there since then. And you also see very young (3-4 yr old) kids out playing with the older (9-10 yr old) kids and you wonder where the parents are. No 3 year old needs to be hanging out with smart assed 10 year olds.

Anyway sorry for venting, but things have changed so much in the 10 or so years since I was a kid even!
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There are lots of good kids around,they just don't get noticed. I think we have let the tube condition us that the bad things we briefly see represent the whole world and everyone in it. Tim McVey didn't represent all the gulf war vets. Neither do the Columbine kids represent today's youth.

As a society we need to discard the if it feels good do it mantra and teach responsibility for our actions..that what we do or say affects others.

A news media that rises above the Inquirer level of reporting would be nice too.

But will one of you ladies please explain to me why you dress your young daughters in skin tight short shorts,painted on jeans and the like...what are you teaching them??
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Don't have any daughters that dress that way. My stepdaughter dresses nicely, but then she has been out of school many years. What I wonder too is what statement are the boys making when they wear baggy jeans down to their knees, underwear showing, shoes not tied and upside down inside out baseball caps? The statement it makes to me is "look folks, how confused I am, I can't even dress myself!" And I do know that kids get the bad rap and there are many bright and intelligent and loving kids out there. My niece happens to be one of them. But they are always overshadowed by the bad ones.
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Okay, all together now, to the tune of "For He Is a Jolly Good Fellow."

Oh, he was a terrible parent!
Oh, he was a terrible parent!
Oh, he was a terrible parent!
But everyone bought all his books!

Yes, everyone bought his books!
Yes, everyone bought his books!

Oh, he was a terrible parent!
But everyone bought all his books!

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Thanks for the chuckle, and by golly, you hit it right on the nose!
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Kittyfoot - Since my daughter is just 4, I still have complete control over her wardrobe. If she ever tries to leave the house in skin tight clothes or really short shorts, she'll have to march back up stairs and change. I hope that my husband and I are raising her to understand that these types of clothes are inappropriate.

But your point is well taken. Again it comes down to parental responsibility and supervision.

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