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1 incident of vomiting/diarrhea

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This morning, a few hours after breakfast, Miko threw up. Mostly liquid, with some digested kibble. Normally if she throws up it's immediately after eating, because she ate too much too fast. But this was different, since it was much later after breakfast and the food was more digested.

About 15 minutes later I smelled something awful in the litterbox. It was a little bit of very soft stool (not liquid, but definitely not solid). And it was uncovered, which is very unusual for Miko. (I know it was her by looking at her butt after and saw some of the same soft stool stuck there).

I got further confirmation when she went to the litterbox again a few minutes later. She made some vocalizations before she went, which I took to meant she might be in pain or just feeling something funny or unusual. She passed another little bit of soft stool that smelled bad (looked like it could have had a little bloody mucus in it, but wasn't sure)

So I took both the stool samples to my vet and we'll have the results tomorrow and we have an appointment tomorrow afternoon.

Will the vet only be testing for parasites or is there something else they could diagnose from the sample?

The weird thing is, she's totally fine now! It's been over 6 hours and she's acting normally. I saw her eat and drink a little. No more vomiting and diarrhea.

If the vet says the stool sample was fine and she seems fine tonight and tomorrow, should I cancel the appointment or still bring her in?

There hasn't been anything different in her diet, so I don't think that's it.

I was worried about abdominal obstruction. Would the vet be able to tell if she has that problem by examining her?
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Is it possible she ate something that disagreed with her?

By the way, the faster the feces go through the digestive tract, the stronger they will smell, so the smell isn't always an indicator.

I hope your vet will be testing for the 3 most common intestinal parasites.
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Test came back negative for parasites and she seems fine now, so the vet said we could cancel our appt.
It was just so strange that it happened and then stopped abruptly. I'll keep watching her to see if it happens again.
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