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If I saw her wandering around here, I would take her in in a heart beat. I go for the scruffy, sick cats. Usually they have no one else.

I hope she heals fast, and has a wonderful, long life with you.

Nat, you have a heart of GOLD.
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That's great she's acting so friendly despite everything. I'm sure she is uncomfortable, but you're right - it's probably better than before, and it's probably a better pain than before. I can't imagine how icky she felt.

Good luck with talking to the vet. Hope you get some sleep tonight!
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post

Awww, Nat. She is beautiful.....

She looks fantastic in your pics....

Hope you got some sleep.

Has she eaten yet?
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Aww bless her and bless you....I hope she had some rest last night and wasn't in to much pain....
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i am glad you got the dental done, she looks perfectly fine in the after pics, and I would be interested to see her blood results if the vet said they were fine other than the wbc (which is normal with such a bad mouth) and you think they are worrying. I have had dentals done on older cats than her, and the last one was done on a 17 yo cat who's thyroid levels were 3 times higher than the top end of normal (we didn't know just how bad at the time, just that he was likely hyper-t), as well as liver values 200 more than the top end of normal, whcih is incredibly high risk - but he had lost nearly half a kilo in a week due to how bad his mouth was (he was skin and bones when I picked him up of the streets, and wanted to build him up, but he stopped eating after 6 days), it cost the rescue a lot of money but I felt he had to have that chance.
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Awww..such a pretty girl!
She does seem to be bouncing back quickly - I'll bet she's glad to be rid of those teeth.

I hope the two of you managed to get at least a little sleep last night.
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She slept in the bathroom - she was conked out solidly on the counter in a puddle of her own drool when I poked my head in on her - so I left her.

She's been one big puddle of drool all day, her chest & front legs are soaked. The vet tech said it's normal when I checked with her. I'll find her bloodwork & post the values in a bit.
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If you have any old towels, you can let her sleep on those and then it won't matter if she gets it dirty. We have a slew of old towels that we call "kitty towels" and we use them for various things, in carriers, to clean up messes, and to put on the floor for Callie to snuggle in (she loves towels).

It looks like she's doing great!! I'm sure in a few days she'll be feeling better, calmed down, and feeling like a new kitty!
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OK bloodwork results - the ranges that were off - with my own mental explanation as to what it is if I know what it is behind it in red

WBC 21.36 (norm 5.5-19.5) white blood cells - fight off infection
GRA 18.52 (norm 2.5-14)
LY% 7.8 (norm 20-55) lymphocytes? can be low in the case of chronic bacterial infections, general infection, inflammation & leukemia
MO% 5.5 (norm 1-3) monocytes? often present when there is dying tissue, numbers usually do not vary unless there is leukemia present
GR% 86.7 (norm 35-80)

HGB 15.1 (norm 8-15) hemoglobin - oxygen carrying parts of red blood cells
MCHC 36.2 (norm 30-36) high MCHC can indicate high iron levels in blood - low could indicate anemia

MPV 11.2 (norm 12-17) mean platelet volume - affects blood clotting

ALB 2.0 (norm 2.2-4.4) albumin - protien that helps eval hydration, liver/kidney disease
AMY 1328 (norm 300-1100) I'm pretty sure amylase which could indicate pancreatitis or kidney disease
GLU 171 (norm 70-150) glucose - blood sugar - could've been high due to stress?
TP 9.9 (norm 5.4-8.2) total protien - another indicator of hydration or kidney/liver disease
GLOB 7.9 (norm 1.5-5.7) globulins - which increase with chronic infection (bad teeth)

Anyone know what those other abbreviations mean?

To me - that reads that there's some kidney issues - which wouldn't surprise me at her age - which is what the vet had said - some mild kidney problems - but I still want to know what that other stuff means to ask him about it Monday.
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I can't help you with the results, but I was wondering how she's doing today (Sunday)?
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We got very little sleep, she spent all night either rubbing her face on me (drooling), or climbing the walls/window trying to get out. She *did* discover the TV & is fascinated, though!
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Maybe you could leave the TV on to babysit her!
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Don't have the other appts set up for the kitties yet, but I'll print it and take it with me, Nat, for when we do go.
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Sending lots of healing vibes for her!
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Oh my, I clicked on to see if you had reached a decision yet and found the dental already done and kitty doing well! I'm glad she came through it OK, and from my own experience she'll probably feel a whole lot better once her mouth heals a bit than she did with a mouthful of bad teeth.
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She's been starving beyond belief, I mean, attacked me over an animal cracker - she has wet food out - like 3 kinds of it - but isn't eating it all - so I gave her some small/round kibble & she was carefully picking it up & swallowing it. She probably shouldn't have dry food yet - but the poor girl is ridiculously hungry! (Bought $100 worth of a variety of canned foods today to try on "her highness" as apparently she's picky! )
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If you're willing to buy one more thing ('though it can be a bit expensive), I highly recommend Whole Life's freeze-dried meat treats. It comes in several flavors and contains nothing but that single meat source.

I've been using this since I switched my cats to raw and it has never yet failed to entice a reluctant cat to eat. Just crumble and sprinkle over the food.

Good luck!
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The nearest pet stores to me are an hour away - and I won't get there again for awhile....but that is a good idea to try crumbling some treats on the food. I have bonita tuna flakes that she likes I can crumble to add to her wet food.

Here's a link to her tv watching video - I think I put 2 video clips together here

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Awwww.... so cute!!!! She really loves the magic box!!
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look at that sweetie hunting the people in the box that was cute!
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Bless her - it is fine for cats to eat dry food straight after a dental. I remember one of Ginger's dental, I went to the shop specially for the softest food they did, and he ended up eating my other cat's dry food!! Dry food can actually be easier for them to eat after a dental as they can just swallow it without having to chew.
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Maybe you can add a bit of water to the dry like you would do for a kitty??? Just thinking out loud here.
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She's doing well - giving her more dry food now (she's not eating enough wet food to sustain herself). She likes this whole sleeping on the bed thing - but can I move the bed outside for her please? She really really really thinks she's ready to be outdoor cat again - me, not so much.
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As a quiet and shy one I felt I had to pipe in to this thread with a thank you.

Thank you and thank you again for what you did for this magnificent moggy.

Just when I feel my heart will break from the loss of my beloved one, I see something good here and it helps.
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Has she taken over the bed yet?? That's too funny that she's enjoying sleeping in the lap of luxury!

How was the follow up vet visit regarding her bloodwork? Any news on that yet?
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I did talk to the vet, he said while yes she has kidney issues - it's not bad for her age/general health. The other oddities were attributed to bad teeth, stress, etc.
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All I can say is bless you. You are such a caring person!
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I'm glad the odd values are nothing to worry too much about! Continued for you both
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Fast healing vibes!
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That's so great! I would let the teeth thing settle down and get her all healed and back on the road to her normal life and then in about 6 months have her blood tested again to see how her kidneys are doing and get a good baseline reading for her. I have an older kitty who's borderline CRF and we have her blood tested every 6 months or so just to monitor and make sure there are no huge changes in her numbers.
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