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Mega that all goes well tomorrow!
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Ah, Nat. Poor you, poor Fafeena. I can't offer anything else just that I know you will do the right thing for her.

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If only love could make medical issues go away, your beautiful old girl would be home free - best wishes for a successful surgery.
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Isn't she gorgeous!?! Such a beautiful little girl!! Sending some prayers up for your baby and for you. Expect the best, but prepare for the worst. If she comes through and they don't remove her eye, there is something you can try to see if it clears up the cloudiness. It's not a quick fix, but it might be something worth trying, if she handles eye drops well.

I don't remember if I read about this here or if I read a couple of success stories about it on the herpes group, but I saved the info because my older kitty is starting to develop a cataract on her left eye and I thought I might try this with her at some point in time.

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Prayers for everything to go well.
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Nat, I'm keeping up the vibes. Were they able to get the blood work back before the dental?


And for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by LDG View Post
Nat, I'm keeping up the vibes. Were they able to get the blood work back before the dental?


And for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
to all of that...

I hope she's doing ok
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OK - I can breathe once again.

I called the vet, they *just* got her done. She is standing up now, pretty "drunken", but will be awake in about 5 - 10 mins.

She got a pain injection, and they're looking for an alternative to Metacam. She's on anti-biotics, and canned food. No teeth left, the canines were OK, but they pulled them anyways.

Her WBC was slightly elevated, but likely due to her teeth. Otherwise nothing too bad on her bloodwork. I'll have to look at that tonight.

It was pointed out to me that she's a fiesty one....she's too mean to let one silly old surgery kill her.

Whew.....now to get someplace ready for her to come home. Oh & her eyes - there's nothing to be done about them - there are no ulcers on them.
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Nat - that is GREAT news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You must be smiling BIG TIME!
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Oh, Nat! What good news! Lots of for a quick recovery. And many for you -- you care so much for these critters who wouldn't have a snowball's chance in hell without you.
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Great news Nat

for a very quick recovery
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Sometimes the crabby ones are the best because they have a lot of fight to survive.
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I really really just want to take her to the vet who told me to euthanize her & tell her to stuff it.
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Nat that is great news!!! !!
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Oh Natalie I know you are so relieved!! That is just the best news!!
Maybe she will adjust to being inside while she recovers.
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I am so happy to hear it went well.
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Oh Nat, I'm so glad to hear it went well!
Plenty of for a quick and painless recovery.
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I am glad she is ok and I would tell the other vet off.
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So glad to come home to good news!! I knew she'd pull through like champ! Praying for a speedy and low pain recovery for your precious little girl! Keep us updated!
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I just caught up with this thread. Nat you are a wonderful person and that cat is lucky to have you on her side.
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You went with your heart and it was the right decision! Congrats on being a wonderful cat mom and so open hearted to animals in need! You deserve a BIG TROPHY!!!!
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I have a young cat (well 5 now) at my parents house with almost no teeth left due to an untreated tooth problem that became a gum infection. Your kitties are very lucky to have you.
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Wow, that is the best news you could ask for! Yay Fafeena! She is definitely a fighter, and she will hopefully be happier now.
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She's miserable inside, she's in pain, and she's making it clear she will have her way. She's yowling, climbing the walls...the whole 9 yards. I think Squishy might move back to the garage & she'll go out in the enclosure if she doesn't calm down. I'm going to try her in my bedroom overnight (she'll bleed on my bedding, but all well) to see if she calms down in there - with me.

Her mouth is absolute hamburger, they had to really dig to get everything out.....they equated it to thousands of tiny slivers in her mouth. (Yet the parental units disagree that this was not the right thing to do - she should've been euthanized).

Yet she's strutting around in the bathroom, purring, climbing in my lap, and she keeps trying to get me to rub her mouth. (I refuse - that has to hurt like heck)

I'm not so happy with the bloodwork, I need to call to talk to the vet on Mon.....the results to me are concerning. Will post them later to see if anyone can offer insight.
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I am glad that she made it through!!! I hope she heals up fast.

& that the bloodwork really is good. She is a very beautiful cat, for sure!
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Aw Nat, you definitely did the right thing. I am so sorry her mouth was so bad. Given she's climbing all over your lap, I expect she'll calm down in your bedroom. But at least you've got a back-up plan.

Bummer about the blood work. Our vet is always happy to provide feedback. We're there within the next week or two for more annuals, so please do post it.

for Fafeena!
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Originally Posted by Yosemite View Post
I just caught up with this thread. Nat you are a wonderful person and that cat is lucky to have you on her side.
Ditto. Hugs to you for caring so much and taking such good care of a beautiful old lady.

And double-hugs for all the stress you've been through!
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Fafeena getting her dental is sort of like getting the farm cats fixed, it took years of lobbying to get it done - this should've been done long long long ago! I'm just pissed over this all. I should've had the balls to just take her in & the consequences over a year ago!

Pictures of her now are below - some are slightly blurry due to lighting & messing with camera settings. Her mouth is drooly & bloody still - but she's in there kneading, purring, seems happy enough......although she's probably been in pain so long this isn't too bad.

My scruffy looking, kinda stinky, crabby, old coot

She's perched like this on the edge of the counter & doesn't want to get down. She's likes "up" - I'm worried she will fall - but I can't see how I can keep her off there.

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Awww Feen I wish I could hug and kiss her right now. Do you think she would let me? She must be feeling so much better. Hopefully its smooth sailing from here and on for that sweet old lady
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I love this pic
Shes telling you who shes going to sleep with tonight.

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