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I can't believe what happened to me yesterday!

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So I'm sitting in Wall, South Dakota in one hell of a tourist trap town. But my life couldn't be any better. (well...unless the temperature went down.)

Anyways, I'm posting just because I'm extremely excited. Not only because I am on my way back to Michigan, but yesterday Cody and I went to the Grand Tetons to take a scenic drive and he was very persistant about stopping at a particular lake.

So of course we did and I took the cat out on the leash. It's hot, I'm feeling miserable from the lack of AC, I looked completely scuzzy in a T-shirt and a saggy pair of pants that barely fit. Here I am walking down to the lake, listening to people both laugh at my cat on a leash and think it's cute and taking pictures. I hate having my picture taken.

So I get to a bench finally and Cody keeps bugging me and I keep brushing him off, trying to get him to leave me be so I could control the cat who's decided that he wants to try and chase chipmunks from a six foot leash.

So much to my surprise, Cody made me sit down and made this adorable speech about how he knows I'm miserable and hot and not feeling good and how I don't like the outdoors much but that he wants to ask me something. And he gets down on one knee and proposes!!!!!!!

I was so surprised I started crying! And I'm STILL fighting to keep the cat under control and laughing and hugging him and telling him I'm sorry for being so grumpy today.

So suffice to say I'm a pretty happy gal right now, I just hope when we get to Michigan my family accepts the new ring on my finger. =O And that it wont be a fight.

But I don't even care at this point, in my entire life I never thought anyone would ever date me let alone propose to me. And here I am with the same guy 2 years later, now with a pretty ring on my finger.

Anyways...Just goes to show how much Cody can put up with I was a horrible grump all day and he still went through with his plans!! I knew something was going on, he'd been acting so funny all day!

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awwwww... It was an inusual situation but full of love as well I can see!..
Congratulations to you and Cody...
He´s a cat person too? as you?....
Why you don´t invite to him to join to TCS too!.. it would be great as a couple boths are here!...:
Again, congratulations!...
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Congratulations! Sounds like you've got yourself a great guy.
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Congratulations He sounds like a sweetie
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awww congrats!
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How awesome

Many congrats to you and Cody

He definately sounds like a keeper
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Congratulations! This is a beautiful area; maybe it inspired him?

Dottie has a ruby ring like that, since my birth stone is the ruby.

Been in Wall; even ate at the drug store.
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I'm happy for you! And what a beautiful ring!
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He does sound like a sweetie and your ring is so pretty.
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Awww, what a sweet story! If he can put up with you grumpy, hot and tired, he's definitely a keeper! Congrats!!!
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Congratulations - he sounds like a real keeper - and he has great taste in rings!
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(Wall, SD is a hole isn't it? We went there when I was a kid and I thought it was great. Hubby and I went there last summer and it was nothing like I remember.)
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Thanks guys!

We just woke up at 9:30 pm and are getting ready to take off again. We've taken to driving at night because it's much cooler and better for the cat. On the first day poor Bean Bean was so miserable.

Anyways, yeah Cody is comming around to be a Cat person now that he's known me. It did take some convincing for him to get me a cat, but not too much! I should see if I can get him to join here, maybe seeing all of your beautiful kitties will inspire him to let me get one more!

To all of you saying that he is a Keeper, definately. I can't believe how much crap this guy can take and he's usually always so calm, even if I get irate over something. It takes a lot to bring out any sort of negative emotion in him.

I'm very happy with the ring as well! I'm not much of a traditional person anyways so the fact that it's a ruby and not a diamond really makes me happy. It feels good to know that he understands all this about me and didn't go down the traditional road.
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