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Recipe help! Sirloin tip steak.

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I'm thawing out a sirloin tip steak that was given to me. I'm not sure how I want to prepare it. I haven't really found any recipes that I'm super excited about. I've found a a few recipes for sirloin tip roast- I'm just not sure if they would work for the 'steak'. It doesn't look like steak to me, but almost like a thinly cut and not very marbled roast. It's about two pounds.

I have plenty of ingredients on hand- from onions, to broth, to wine. Any ideas? I've gathered that this might be a braising steak. We won't be eating until at least 5 hours or so from now. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I may just thaw it out and save it for tomorrow.

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Pan-fried with sauteed mushrooms, onions, and green peppers is very nice.
If you would like to marinade you steak prior to cooking, this is my favorite recipe for marinade.

2 tablespoons olive oil
3 cloves crushed garlic
seasoned salt.
ground black pepper
4 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce.

Mix all ingredients together and rub onto the steak, then let the steak sit for about 15 minutes.

Cook in a tablespoon of butter at high heat until perfect doneness. If you like your steak rare, or medium rare start you veggies in the pan before you put your steak in adding some of the marinade for flavor.
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So sorry for not opinion here... My speciality is eegs boiled....

Susan, your advice sounds delicious!...
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I agree CoolCat. Susan.. that marinade is a must try!
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Originally Posted by esrgirl View Post
I agree CoolCat. Susan.. that marinade is a must try!
Just a follow-up to see if your dinner was a success or not...Cooking per say is about 90% artistic endeovor and 10% common sense..It isn't hard and heres my rule of thumb if you think it will taste good most of the time it will...Have fun as much as it's something we have to do we should enjoy the process as well....
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I ended up browning the meat, putting it in the crockpot, topping it with sliced onions and carrots, adding three bay leaves, a can of beef broth, a small mini bottle of merlot, and some garlic and cooking it in the slow cooker. I also made mashed potatoes.

I am going to try the marinade you posted sometime this week. Kroger has some small, skillet steaks on sale. I love bell peppers and mushrooms and I think they would be quite tasty with the marinaded steak!
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