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Fighting VS Playfighting?

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Can someone let me know what the difference is between the two, Geoffery (one year old male) and Luca (new 3 1/2 mth old kitten) have been wrestling each other and there are meows sometimes I was wondering if this means they are fighting?

Also how do I know when to break up a fight, the two have only just met two days ago.

Thank you, sorry for all the questions!
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Great question...can someone with more experiance help cuz Id love to also know the answer to this question for my own 2 males..
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Most likely playing... Fighting there would be fur flying, hisses, spits and screams...
It is safer to not break it off - if there is a bad fighting (as described above), make a loud noise, throw something close to them (NOT at them) to redirect their attention. If that doesn't work, try to separate them with a broom (carefully) - you can get hurt trying with your hands, and can get bitten, so be careful!
How did you introduce them? Just "cold turkey"?
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We introduced them by putting Luca in the bathroom and letting Geoffery find him on his own, we then put treats on each side of the door for them to eat. We then let them play paws under the door for a while and then let them out together. Geoffery hissed a couple times but thats about it. We don't leave them out alone together yet, but when we're around they are pretty good.
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I just want to say that I appreciate all the info here. I am a new cat owner (adopted my kitty back in October) and I want to get her a brother or sister soon. It's nice to have this resource.

I was always allergic to cats as a kid, but I live in a condo and wanted a pet SO bad. A dog was out of the question because I wouldn't do that without a yard. My sister-in-law finally convinced me to adopt a cat. I got a kitten, since kittens never bothered my allergies. Well, my Holland is about 15 months old now and I have NEVER had a problem with her, allergy-wise.

I never imagined I'd be a "cat lady" but once you have one you can never go back...

They are the BEST!
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Yup, cats rock!

For the playing vs. fighting - we separate when necessary by making a loud noise. Coins in a can or banging on a pan with a metal spoon does the trick. Startles them a lot.

Given it's just two days, it's hard to say without seeing it if it's playing or if it's an establishing dominance thing... either way, it's OK as long as no one's getting hurt. Cats can sure SOUND like they're dying when it all started as play.

But the main clue is their body language. During those pauses in the wrestling, if someone's back is ridged or ears are flat back - that's aggression, that's not play. But if you notice tails are at that 90 degree angle to the back - "up" - then it's definitely play (though the absence of the "tail up" doesn't mean it isn't play ).
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