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Leah was a sweet, young long-haired black cat at our shelter. She loved to be held and petted, was calm, and had a nice purr.

But this is kitten season, and since we have too many black cats right now, this morning her luck ran out and she had to put to sleep.

RIP, Leah. Had I known you were in any danger, I would have volunteered to bring you home for a while.

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What a beauty. RIP, Leah. I'm sorry you were a victim of overpopulation.
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How Sad! Rest in Peace Leah.
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The saddest part is that there was nothing wrong with her - she was euthanized most likely to due color/un-adoptability.

Play happily over the Rainbow Bridge, Leah.
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It can´t be...........I´m So sorry Dear Leah the world wasn´t enougth to a selfish person to take care of you my sweet angel......

RIP sweet angel.......
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This brought tears to my eyes...
so tragic.

I am so sorry beautiful Leah.
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Just Monday I had her out of her cage, sitting on my lap, purring, getting skritches, the whole deal. She was actually one of the nicer cats there, but she just didn't show well, so her chances of adoption were pretty slim.
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You are not forgotten Leah.
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That is so sad. RIP Leah.
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Play happily over the bridge! This brought me to tears as well, makes me hold all the furries so alittle tighter alittle longer.

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I have tears in my eyes. Rest well Leah.
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These stories always make me so sad.

RIP Leah.

You were so pretty. Be happy over the rainbow bridge.
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this thread really got to me....haunted me for days. I so wish this wasn't happening. All the poor kitties( and puppies too for that matter) that don't have a chance. Our rescued babies are so lucky.
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It's been a rough month. Adoptions are way off since we moved into our new building, and I know several others that I was concerned about have disappeared. I try not to ask about them; it only makes me feel worse. I do all I can; I really can't adopt any more.
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How awful!

She was so beautiful. RIP darling girl
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