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Dog with luxating patella problem...

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So, my friend has a (female) chihuahua that is a bit of a sidewinder; her poor back knees have been bad for some time, and it's time to finally address it. Both knees will need surgery.

So, the question is, for anyone having a dog that has (had) a similar problem...is it best to do one at a time, or both at the same time? The dog gets around as well as most any dog (you'd never know she had a problem if it wasn't for the profoundly awkward gait), but one leg is definitely worse than the other. Should that make a difference in the decision? Also, she is 4 years old, if that's significant.

Thanks for any help!
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I can't imagine doing both at once - as how will the dog get around? I do think, while yes it would be 2 surgeries, doing them separately is best.
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Poor doggie! Glad your friend is going to have the surgery done!

I totally agree with White Cat Lover, do one at a time. Dogs can get around on three legs very well when they have to. And if it were me I'd do the worse one first, give it a chance to heal and then do the leg that isn't so bad.

that it goes well!
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Personally, I would talk to the vet. If you do one knee there is also the danger [although minimal in a small dog] that the dog would potentially tear a cruciate[knee ligament] while gimping around. We've done a rotti, and a dauchsund double knee surgery. The recovery was rough for the first couple days, but both dogs went home and recovered just fine. Personally I think she needs to get her vets oppinion on what would be the best option.
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I guess I should have written that she actually has seen two different vets, and has received two different opinions on whether to do one or both. She's already had one dog that had both done at the same time, and though it was a rough initial month or so afterwards, he's in great shape. The vet she's leaning towards doing the surgery thinks one at a time would be better. The vet that did her other dog obviously thinks "both", but she's done/said some things recently that have taken her out of prime candidacy to do this dog's surgery.

I know, it's a bit of a soap opera, and it's difficult for me to convey all of the details. She's really just looking for overwhelming reasons why one might be better than the other, based on others experiences.
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